Anupamaa 03rd May 2023 Episode Written Update – Vanraj upset with Pakhi, Barkha instigates Adhik against Pakhi

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In today’s episode of Star Plus show Anupamaa, we see that Baa tells Samar and Dimpy that Anupama just left saying to start making prepping for their marriage. She questions who will do Dimpy’s Kanyadaan. Dimpy says Anuj will do it. Baa blames that Anuj and Anupama ate yet to sort out their issues. She questions about the money needed for the marriage. Samar suggests to get married in the court. Baa does not agree and tells the marriage has to happen with all rituals as they have their won importance. Bapuji agrees too. He says these days younger generation thinks of marriage dresses, decor and food but hardly about the rituals which are most important.

Baa says we will first figure out how the marriage has to be done and then call the pandit. Bapuji says we all can sit down and work out. Pakhi comes home. Barkha is anxious that Anuj will be back and soon Anupama too. She takes her meds. Adhik stops her. She instigates Adhik that Pakhi does not care about him and his family. She is more worried about her mother and will soon oust them from the house when Anupama comes home. She tells how she will rule over him. Adhik gets angry and leaves to meet Pakhi. Ankush slams Barkha for trying to break her brother’s marriage.

Vanraj asks Pakhi why did she have to become a mediator for Anuj and Anupama. he tells her that She should first focus on her marriage. He slams her for not even informing Adhik. Adhik reaches there and agrees. Pakhi says she is his wife and does not need his permission. Adhik says you didn’t even bother to inform me. Vanraj asks her why did she even go. Pakhi says you all are wanting Anuj and Anupamaa to be separated. She wanted to go and lessen her guilt as she was also responsible for difference between Anuj and Anupama. Kinjal sides Pakhi. Adhik holds Pakhi’s hands and says he wants to talk to her. Samar and Vanraj asks him to calm down. he asks them not to intervene. Pakhi asks him to leave her. She says that she thought they all will be happy with her move, but they are all selfish and leaves.

Anuj is excited to meet Anupama and starts packing. Maya is teary eyed seeing him happy. He thanks her for helping him and letting her meet. He asks her to reach out to him if she ever needs anything. She asks him not to go. Anuj recollects Pakhi’s words. Maya tells him that he knows that she loves him. She had come away from him and tried to move on. But when he came back to her, she thought destiny wants them to be together. Anuj tells her clearly that he had come for little Anu and not her. He says he has place in his heart for two people, Anupama and Anu. She asks her to understand this.

Anupama is happy that Anuj will be back soon. She understands that her mom is worried too.


Kanta tells Anupama that she won’t let her go to her sasural unless she is convinced.


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