Anupamaa 17th May 2023 Episode Update – Anupama meets Anuj and Anu with Maya

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In today’s episode of Star Plus show Anupamaa, we will see that Anupama rushes to Shah house after her Gurukul for Samar and Dimple’s pre-wedding rituals. Bhairavi asks her why is Malti devi so strict? Anupama asks her not to worry. She realizes that at the dance school she was busy but now she will soon meet Anuj with Maya and Anu and gets uneasy.

Shah get ready for wedding rituals. Dolly comes with her daughter Minu. Everyone is happy. Kavya makes an entry. Baa tells her that she didn’t think she (Kavya) would come. Kavya says she had to come as Samar and Anupama both asked her to come. She takes Baa and Bapuji’s blessings. Kavya looks herself in the mirror. She sees Vanraj and asks him how is he now. He asks her why didn’t you come and meet me. She says she didn’t come, but always checked about him with Samar. He praises her of looking good and doing good work with her ads. She tells him that she has taken a break for a month now. He asks. She avoids the topic. Vanraj asks her what is bothering her. She changes the topic and asks what will happen when Anupama sees Anuj with Anu and Maya. Vanraj thinks she is hiding something.

Anupama thinks about Anuj. She buys gajras and senses Anuj. She finds him coming out the car. Bhairavi goes inside Shah house and tells everyone that Anupama is coming. Vanraj steps out to check on her. Anupama gets lost in the market crow. Anuj comes and helps her with her wearing her sandal. They both get emotional seeing each other and lost into each other. Anuj is about to speak. Little Anu comes and calls for Anuj. Anupama sees her and gets much happy. She hugs and kisses her. She finds Anu not reacting and asks her if she didn’;t miss her. She tells Anu how much she missed her every morning. She asks Anu why has she changed and what is wrong. She finds her hands hurt and asks about it. Maya comes and keeps her hands on Anu. Anupama is upset seeing Maya but says nothing. Anu tells Anuj lets go and meet others. Anuj, Anu and Maya go ahead as Anupama looks on.

Anuj meets Vanraj and asks him. Vanraj taunts him that his heart is fine now but seems like his (Anuj) brain is not working as she chose coal over diamond. Anuj says its his choice and he should worry about himself. Vanraj asks him to go inside. Everyone sees them and get speechless. Anuj takes Bapuji and Baa’s blessing. Kanta ignore him and is much upset. Anuj sees Ankush and gets emotional. he hugs him.


Baa asks Anuj about his marriage plans with Maya. She tells everyone that she just wants to know what exactly is Anuj and Maya’s relationship. Anuj and Anu sit down for puja. Maya stops Anupama from sitting next to them and sits down for the puja. Anupama and others are shocked.


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