Anupamaa 25th April 2023 Episode Update – Anuj does not meet Anupama

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In today’s episode of Anupamaa (Star Plus), we will see that Barkha commands Anupamaa to sign the papers. She taunts her that unlike her dance academy, they run a big business. She demands her to to sign the papers immediately while Anupama tries to look for Anuj. Anupama gives her a befitting replies. She tells her Barkha that she has forgotten three things. Firstly, Anuj is the owner of the business and not them. She tells her that one needs to stay in their limits, a security cannot think himself as the owner. She reminds her how one needs to use “Please” to get their work done. Barkha wants Anupama to sign the papers and leave before Anuj meets her. She says “Anupama please sign the papers. Anupama reads the documents. Barkha gets tensed. Anupama tells her how Anuj has taught her to read every paper before signing.

Ankush tries to convince Anuj to meet Anupama. He tells him that destiny has given him a chance to meet Anupama. He tells Anuj that he knows that he is feeling guilty for doing wrong with Anupama but insists him to let his love win over the guilt. He tells him that earlier his anger won over love, but not to let his guilt fail his love for Anu. Anuj is much shaken and is unable to face Anupama. Meanwhile, Anupama awaits Anuj outside his cabin. She wishes Anuj to just show himself as she is ready to take the first step to end the distance between them. Ankush keeps convincing Anuj, but Anuj is not ready to face Anupama as she has hurt her so much. Barkha is tensed and does not want Anuj and Anupama to meet at any cost.

At the same time, Maya is tensed and hopes Barkha stops Anuj and Anupama’s meet. Pakhi and Kinjal pray to God that Anuj and Anupama reunite. Toshu argues with Pakhi, how can she pray for the reunion. He blames Anuj would once again hurt Anupama and she will always be in the fear that he can leave her again. Pakhi reminds how she and Adhik got a second chance at their marriage. Kinjal reminds Toshu that Anuj has hurt Anu and not cheated on his wife unlike him. She says if you can get a second chance, then Anuj too deserves it.

Ankush tells Anuj that he will get Anupama as Anuj is not ready to meet Anu. He storms out of the office and asks Anupamaa to leave the papers and just meet Anuj. Anupama is happy to meet him. She stays outside the door to gather some courage. She opens the door and finds Anuj missing. Anuj leaves the office and and says sorry to Anupama that he did not have the courage to meet her. He tells himself that he can never meet her ever again.

Anupamaa is heartbroken but hopeful. She tells Ankush that Anuj had come to her house earlier today and she is hopeful that he will soon meet her too. She knows that he is much guilty and hence is unable to meet her. Barkha is much happy.

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