Anupamaa – Anuj-Anupama romantic moments makes Maya jealous, Kavya feels guilty

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Anupamaa - Anuj-Anupama romantic moments makes Maya jealous, Kavya feels guilty

Anupamaa latest news – Bapuji invites all married couples in Shah and Kapadia family for Shivratri puja

In today’s episode of Star Plus show Anupamaa, we will see that Kavya comes back home from Kapadia house and is much disturbed. baa taunts her for meeting her ex husband. Kavya gives her back. Kavya, Vanraj and Baa argue. Bapuji reminds them of Shivrati puja next day and asks them to start preparing for it. He wants all the married couples Anupama-Anuj, Vanraj-Kavya, Pakhi-Adhik, Toshu-Kinjal and Ankush-Barkha gto sit in the puja as couples.

Kavya remembers Maya’s confession that she has fallen in love with Anuj and wants to be Anuj’s life partner. She is worried for Anupama that she will have to go through the same pain that she had once given to her by breaking Vanraj and Anupama’s marriage. She wants to tell the truth to Anupama. Vanraj comes and asks her to attend the puja with him. She asks him if he really thinks she would do the puja with him after what all the bitter things he told to Anupama about her and their marriage. He reminds her of Bapuji’s wish and asks her to attend it if she wants to else do whatever and leaves angrily.

Meanwhile, Anupama notices maya blushing as she sees picnic photos. Maya is happy to see Anuj and her picnic photos. Anuj and Ankusyh come back home. Maya gets happy to see Anuj. Anuj tells Anupama how Bapuji has invited them for Shivrati puja. Little Anu asks questions about it. Anupama tells her the importance of couple doing Shivratri puja. Maya thinks to do it for Anuj. Anuj tells everyone how Anupama’s birthday is in another two days and he wants to celebrate it with much love. Maya gets jealous. Barkha says we will have best birthday for the best person.

Later, Anuj comes looking for Anupama as he intentionally wants her to stitch his shirt button. Anupama plays along and pretends to be busy with housework. Maya says she will help him. They both tell her clearly NO. Anu asks her to help her with house chores, if she really wishes to help. Anu and Anuj share cute romantic moments while Maya stands around them. Anupama gives her a look. Maya leaves.

Next day, Shah family gathers together Shivratri puja and sit as couples together. Kavya joins Vanraj as he leads the puja. Bapuji tells the importance of couples doing this puja together. Anupama too gets happy. She asks Anuj if he can keep fast for entire day. He says he can do anything for her. Maya sits behind them and gets jealous seeing Anuj’s love for Anupama. She gets happy to keep fast for Anuj. She messages Kavya that she has kept the fast too. Kavya is shocked.


Kavya gets upset seeing Maya’s attempt to get closer to Anuj. She reveals the truth to Anupama that Maya is in love with Anuj.


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