Anupamaa upcoming twists – Anuj calls Vanraj, promises to come back, Anupama gets happy

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Anupama Written Episode 28th April 2023, Written Update

Fans of Star Plus popular show Anupamaa are witnessing interesting drama in its ongoing track. On one side, Baa, Vanraj, Maya and Barkha do not want Anuj and Anupama to reunite; while on the other side Pakhi, Kinjal and Kavya are confident that Anuj and Anupama will come back together.

Pakhi reaches Mumbai to meet Anuj. Maya gets tensed seeing Pakhi. Little Anu is happy to see Pakhi. Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Maya gets call from Barkha but is unbale to receive it in front of Pakhi and Anuj. Pakhi asks her to take the call and taunts her that no matter how much Barkha and she plan to keep Anuj and Anupama, they will always fail.

Anupama happens call Pakhi for some work. Pakhi informs her that she is in Mumbai and in front of Anuj. She keeps the phone on speaker. Anuj overhears Anupama asking Pakhi not to be harsh with Anuj as he is already troubled and asks her not to shout and complain. Anuj feels nice to hear Anu’s voice while and is much overwhelmed with emotions. Anupama asks Pakhi if Anuj is Ok. Anuj hints her to say that he is alright. Pakhi tells Anupamaa that he is not fine and is in the same state of mind, just like her.

Pakhi and Anuj sit down to talk. She reminds him how he had helped Adhik and her during their troubled times. She shows him pictures of Anupama and him having good memories together. Anuj gets much emotional. Maya come in between. Pakhi makes her realize that no matter how much she wants, she has and will never see love in Anuj’s eye for a fraction of a second. Pakhi adds that Anupama was never wrong, it is she and her family who has to be blamed. Anupama did her best in everything but we kept on asking for more and you just labelled her to be wrong. She asks him to end this distance between them.

Further, we will see that Anuj calls Vanraj. Shahs have argument over Samar and Dimpy’s marriage. Anupama is also at Shah house. She sees Anuj calling Vanraj and keeps phone on speaker. Anuj asks Vanraj not to call of Samar and Dimpy’s marriage. He taunts Vanraj of being Anu’s good friend and asks him to inform her that he loves her a lot and will be back home soon. Anupamaa overhears it and gets much happy.

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