Anupamaa upcoming twists – Anupama faces big heartbreak again, Vanraj and Barkha happy

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Anupamaa 07th May 2023 Episode Update – Maya crosses limits

The loyal fans of Star Plus show Anupamaa are witnessing interesting drama around the much awaited #Maan aka Anuj and Anupama reunion! So far, we have seen that Anupama gets beautifully dressed and eagerly awaits Anuj’s return from Mumbai.

Dimpy, Samar, Pakhi, Kavya and Baa reach Kanta’s house to welcome Anuj along with Anupamaa. At the same time, Toshu, Baa and Vanraj are unhappy about Maan reunion. At the same time, Maya is not ready to lose Anuj and gets obsessive.

Anuj comes back home and finds out his clothes are unpacked. Maya comes close to him and tells him that he won’t go anywhere. She says that she won’t let him leave at any cost. Anuj asks her not to cross limits. He tells her that love for him is sacrifice and Anupama. Maya says love for her is not sacrifice but to win her love. Anuj tries to get out but finds himself locked. He pushes the door forcefully and manages to get out.

Anuj is on his way and thinks about his and Anupama’s romantic union.

Anuksh makes Adhik understand not to get influenced by Barkha and ruin his relationship with Adhik. He asks him to work towards his success and not look for success. Adhik is not ready to understand. Barkha tries to reach Maya in order to stop Anuj from coming back. She comes back and changes her attitude with Ankush. She tells Adhik its best for them to make things right with Anuj and Anupama for their benefit. Ankush suspects her sudden change in behaviour.

Vanraj gets a call and sarcastically asks Baa and Toshu to join him in Anuj and Anupama’s happiness.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Anupama is worried as Anuj doesnot reach in time. She goes looking for him with Samar and her brother. She gets a call and gets a shocking news! Vanraj and Barkha get happy while Anupama is shattered again.

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