Anupamaa upcoming twists – Kavya leaves Shah house, Vanraj gets paralytic attack, Apara Mehta enters as Malti Devi

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Anupamaa latest news – Apara Mehta to play the role of Malti Devi. Anupama’s dance guru

The makers of Star Plus show Anupamaa are leaving no efforts to entertain the viewers with interesting twists and drama in the story line. In the ongoing track of the show, we see that Anupama waits eagerly for Anuj’s return with the entire family. Barkha, Adhik and Anukush also join them. Barkha makes a fake apology for all her bad deeds. Vanraj and Baa also come along with Toshu. Barkha and Vanraj seem to know to confident that Anuj will not come back.

Kanta asks them to be around but dares them no to spread their negativity on Anupama’s happiness. Samar informs Anupama that Anuj didn’t take the Mumbai flight for Ahmedabad. Anupamaa gets much worried and decides to leave for Mumbai to check on Anuj and Choti Anu. She gets a call from Anuj. She is much shocked. She tells Kanta that Anuj told her that he will stay in Mumbai only as his happiness lies with little Anu and Maya. Kanta gets much angry. Bapuji, Samar and Ankush also express their disappointment. Vanraj and Barkha are happy.

Anupama gains strength and tells everyone clearly from now on no one will question or complain to Anuj. He told her that he cannot stay with her and that’s the end of it. Vanraj tries to take advantage of situation and asks Anupama to come to Shah house. Anupamaa tells him clearly that she does not want Vanraj or Anuj in her life. Baa calls her Bechari. Anupama replies back very firmly that she is not a bechari. She declares that its enough now, from now on she will not live for husband, family but only herself. She gears up for a new chapter in her life towards her success.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Kavya leaves Shah house and curses Vanraj that slowly everyone will leave from his life too. Vanraj gets a paralytic attack and falls on the ground. Meanwhile Anupama gets excited as Kinjal gets her enrolled in her dance guru Malti Devi’s dance class. Veteran actress Apara Mehta enters Anupamaa as Malti Devi and will help Anupama succeed in her dancing career.

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