Anupamaa upcoming twists – Pakhi meets Anuj, Maya tensed

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Anupamaa upcoming twists - Pakhi meets Anuj, Maya tensed

In the ongoing track of Star Plus show Anupamaa, we have seen that Ankush calls Anuj and Anupama to the office to sign important documents. Anupama gets anxious and looks forward to meet Anuj. She wishes to end the distance between them.

Anuj also wants to meet Anupama but feels much guilty for breaking her heart and pushing her away from her. Barkha tries her best to avoid Anuj and Anupama come face to face with each other. Maya also hopes that Barkha is successful in her plans to stop Anuj from meeting Anupama.

Anupama reaches office. Barkha keeps her waiting at the reception area while Anupama yearns to see Anuj. Anuj does not have the courage to meet Anupama. Ankush insists him to gather courage and meet Anupama and end all the distance between them. He asks Anuj not to let his guilt win over his love. However, Anuj is unable to face Anupama. Ankush brings Anupama inside Anuj’s cabin to help them meet each other, however, Anuj leaves.

Anupama is much hurt but she understands that Anuj is feeling guilty. She tells Ankush that Anuj had come to her home earlier and she is confident that he will soon meet her too. Anuj feels sorry that he could not meet Anupama and says that he can never meet her again. Barkha and Maya get happy.

Now, in the coming episodes we will see that Pakhi reaches Mumbai. She meets Anuj. Maya too is around Anuj. She worries that Pakhi will force Anuj to unite with Anupamaa. Anupama happens to call Pakhi.

Pakhi informs Anupamaa that she is in Mumbai with Anuj and keeps the phone on speaker. Maya gets tensed. Anuj is speechless.

Will Anuj talk to Anupama? Will Anupamaa help Anuj come out of his guilt? Will Pakhi succeed in uniting Anupama and Anuj?

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