Anupamaa upcoming twists – Show to take three years leap? Anupama to fly to America to join Malti Devi


In the ongoing track of Star Plus show Anupamaa, we see that Anupama eagerly awaits to reunite with Anuj after the latter sends her a message to come back soon and make things right between them after huge misunderstandings! However, Anupama is left shattered again. Anuj calls her and tells her that he will be staying in Mumbai with little Anu and Maya.

She is heartbroken but gathers herself and tells everyone not to reach out to Anuj anymore with any questions or complaints. She declares that she had enough. She lived all these years for her husband and family but from now on she will live for herself.

Kinjal helps Anupama move forward in life and helps her get enrolled in popular Indian classical dance guru Malti Devi’s dance class. Anupama gets much excited and nervous to meet Malti Devi and get a chance to fulfil her dreams again which were ruined by Vanraj and Baa. She reaches Malti Devi’s dance school with Bhairavi.

Malti offers her to join her Gurukul in America and sign a three year contract with her. She tells her to sign the contract if she has the courage to break the barriers of relationship and focus on her dance career, else shows her the way out! Anupama is in a left with a big dilemma and a decision to make!!

Meanwhile, Shah’s gear up for Samar and Dimpy’s marriage. Anuj sends a message to Samar that he will attend the wedding along with Maya and little Anu.

Will Anupama accept Malti Devi’s offer and fly to America? Reports suggest that viewers can expect a three years leap in the story line post which we will see Anupama as a successful international dancer and lots of changed equations and twists in the show!

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