Bigg Boss 16 15 November updates – Archana and Priyanka get into a BIG fight again

archana gautam and priyanka chahar choudhary
Bigg Boss 16 15 November updates - Archana and Priyanka get into a BIG fight again

Archana Gautam and Priyanaka Chahar Choudhary are undoubtedly the most popular contestant of Bigg Boss 16! The two are known for being vocal and playing the game on the forefront. In the last week, we saw Priyanka being much with Archana’s re-entry and getting a second chance after the latter was evicted from the house for getting physical with Shiv Thakare.

However, history has it, equations in Bigg Boss house keep changing every other day. Post Archana’s re-entry, we saw tension between Archana and Priyanka when Archana mocked Priyanka along with Shiv Thakare in Shekhar Suman’s segment. Later, we saw Archana enjoying argument between Priyanka and Shalin and rest of the house over sugar which was instigated by her. Further, during the captaincy task, Archana blames Priyanka of giving too much importance to Shiv and they get into an argument.

Priyanka decides to keep distance from Archana and tells Ankit Gupta, Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vig that she can no longer trust Archana. Now, in today’s episode we will see yet another ugly fight between Priyanka and Archana over kitchen issues. In the latest promo of the show, we will see that Archana pinpoints Priyanka’s less efforts in the kitchen duty. She asks Priyanka to do other duties as well. Priyanka gets upset and asks her who is she to boss her and refuses to do any work. Archana blames Priyanka of always interfering in others matter. Ankit Gupta reminds her that it was Priyanka who interfered for her sake so she gets a second chance in Bigg Boss.

Things get ugly, as Archana blames Priyanka of eating free food (Haram ka Khana) and questions her if her parents have not taught her anything. Priyanka gets much upset and slams her for going on her parents. However, there is no stopping Archana and she continues to blame Priyanka!

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