GHKKPM upcoming twists – Virat asks Sai not to come back to Chavan house for Vinu’s sake, Sai warns him

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In the latest episode of Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM), we see that Sai tells Satya that she has to leave to Chavan house as Vinu is shattered as Pakhi has left Virat and Chavan house. Satya offers to drop her. Sai reaches Chavan house and faces Virat’s wrath as he does not allow her to meet Vinu. She requests him to cool down and think about Vinu as he is much unwell.

Vinu comes and meets Sai. She talks to him in his room and feeds him food. He shares her pain with her of losing his mother and requests her to help him get his mother back. She assures to try her best and comforts him. Virat and Chavan family look on as Sai takes care of Vinu.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Virat taunts Sai that she is newly married and should spend time with her new family. He asks her not to come back for Vinu’s sake as he and his family can take care of him. He taunts her of failing to maintain good relations. Sai asks him not to teach her lessons and warns him not to be a roadblock between her son Vinu and her, else she will forget that he is Vinu’s father.

Later, Amba learns that Sai went to Chavan house for Vinu’s sake. She warns Satya to make Sai understand that she cannot keep let this happening too often. She warns to leave Nagpur forever if Sai fails to understand her warning.

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