Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Aishwarya Sharma aka Pakhi quits the show, Neil Bhatt pens emotional note for wife and co-star Aishwarya

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Aishwarya Sharma aka Pakhi quits the show, Neil Bhatt pens emotional note for wife and co-star Aishwarya

Here’s big news for loyal fans of Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM) starring Neil BhattAyesha Singh and Harshad Arora. Actress Aishwarya Sharma who essays the role of Pakhi has decided to quit the show.

Speculations were made that the actress who is married to her GHKKPM co-star Neil Bhatt is pregnant. However, as per sources, after, being part of the show for over two and a half years, and giving it all to her character Pakhi, the actress has decided to move on and explore new opportunities. It is known that Aishwarya faced a lot of hatred and toxicity owing to her negative character Pakhi in the show, yet the actress delivered her performance with all the sincerity.

The actress confirmed the news to a leading daily and shared that her association with the show has come to an end and she is taking a bag full of memories with her. The show has given her everything and she feels indebted to GHKKPM as its has given her more than expected. She added that nothing remains forever and an artist has to keep trying different and challenging characters. She will miss shooting with her favourite co-star and her husband Neil the most. She expressed her gratitude to the producers and the unit of the show.

Aishwarya’s husband and co-star Neil Bhatt aka Virat Chavan too penned an emotional note on her exit. Sharing their picture of their first shot together on Instagram, Neil shared, “First shot of #ghumhaikisikeypyaarmeiin that we gave ! The beginning that we didn’t know it would give us ❤️ it’s no secret I’ll miss working with you bache but I’m happy and hopeful for your future 🤗🤗🤗🤞🏽🧿 my feelings are indescribable, god bless you my love and just do what you do best “ENTERTAIN” 😘😘 my lifetime subscription of fun, laughter and love @aisharma812

Aishwarya too replied to the post and shared “Awww don’t make me emotional again and again .. only because of you I was getting emotional bcuz you were crying.. and you the most precious and beautiful thing happened to me in this show my love .. we joined the show separately and coming our home together.. what’s better then that .. I really thank god for everything especially you 😘🥹 no doubt we were meant to be together.. In real “hum Kho gaye ek dusare ke pyaar mein” 😜 love you ♾️😘🧿”

Meanwhile, in the ongoing track of the show, we see that Virat wanted o divorce Pakhi and marry Sai. However, Sai decides not to marry Virat as she wants to keep the promise she made to her son Vinu. Virat is shattered with Sai’s decision. Pakhi realizes that she has no place in Virat’s life while he is lost in the pain of losing Sai forever. She decides to leave Virat and Chavan house. Sai begins her new marital life with Satya. Though they have got into a loveless marriage, for name sake, Satya’s family’s expectations from the newly married couple brings nee challenges for Sai. At the same time, Virat’s aunt Bhavani decides to snatch Sai’s daughter Sai and bring her into Chavan family.

Stay tuned to this space for latest news and gossips of Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein.


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