Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM) 25 April 2023 Update – Sai and Virat’s father emotional moment

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM) 25 April 2023 Update - Sai and Virat's father emotional moment

In today’s episode of Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM), we see that Satya talks to his mother and family for refusing Sai as their would be daughter in law. Satya’s mom tells him that she does not have a problem with Sai, but she knows that Sai’s past will always haunt her present and future and it will ruin his life. She tells him how Sai’s kids would always be her priority. She tells him that she has seen Virat’s viral love confession video and he will always be a trouble for them. Satya tells her that Sai will not let it happen as he knows her very well. His mom clearly denies her consent for the marriage. Satya also clearly says that he will only marry Sai.

Sai comes to Chavan house and informs everyone that he will be marrying her colleague Dr. Satya. She wanted to tell them this news personally as she shared a good past with them. Bhavani Kaku tells her that she is taking a wrong step. She tells Sai that she knows that Virat’s recent behaviour is not acceptable, but she cannot do this to him and the family. She apologizes to Sai on behalf of Virat.

Sai refuses to accept her apology and says that she knows that it is her who has pushed Virat towards’ this craziness. She slams her for being quiet when Virat was publicly confessing his love and embarrassed everyone. Sai goes to take Savi along with her. Virat’s father asks her not to separate both the kids. He tells her that she cannot let Virat stay away from Savi once again after so many years of being separated from her. He gets emotional and says that he too wants to spend little moments with his grand daughter.

Sai too gets emotional and tells him that she has taken a well thought decision. She assures him that their relationship will always remain the same. Savi will keep visiting her grandparents and the family. She requests him to let her go and not make it difficult for her too. Ashwini understands Sai’s decision. Virat’s father lets Sai take Savi with a heavy heart.


Virat refuses to let Sai take Savi away. Sai loses her cool as he once again assassinates her character asking her to spend as much time with Dr. Satya.


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