Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM) 26 April 2023 Update – Virat and Sai challenge each other

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In today’s episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM), we will see that Satya asks his mother why is she not agreeing to Sai and his marriage. Satya’s mom tells him that he knows about her bitter past with his father and how she faced betrayal by marrying a man who was already a married man. Satya tells her that he understands her pain and that’s why he hates that man who is his namesake father; but she cannot let her past determine his future. He says you didn’t know that my father was already married, but I am aware of Sai’s marriage and kids and still want to marry her as I know that she is a very good person.

Satya’s sister blames Sai to be a very cunning person. She tells Satya that she has Sai’s ex-husband’s viral video where he is dying to marry her and she has agreed too. At the same time, Sai comes here and expresses to marry Satya too. Satya defends Sai and says that Sai was forced to say yes as Virat made a public confession. He asks them all how can they suddenly change their opinion about Sai now that they know that she was married and mother of two kids. Satya’s mom tells him that she can never allow him to marry Sai. Satya also makes it clear that he will marry Sai or else won’t marry at all. His entire family opposes his decision. He tells to himself that he cannot tells his family that Sai and him share a relationship of pain and can heal other. He says he wants to help Sai and help lessen her problems.

Sai meets Savi and Vinu. She gets two plants for them. She tells Vinu, as the plants grow in ten days, he will also get better and walk properly. She puts both the plants in same pot. Savi reminds her how she had taught her in the past that plants have to be put if separate pots else they will notw grow. Sai uses the example and explains Savi and Vinu that just like the plants they will also have to stay in two separate houses. She informs them how she will be marrying Satya and Savi and she would stay in his house now, while Vinu will stay with Chavan family. Savi asks her why is she marrying Dr. Satya as she was going to marry Virat. Vinu is confused. Sai clarifies to Savi that she cannot marry Virat as it will break Vinu’s family.

Sai goes to meet Virat. Virat refuses her to take Savi along with her. He asks her to flirt and spend as much time as she wants with Satya but let her daughter be with him. Sai loses her comments with his accusations over he character. He tells her deeds are bad. Sai blames him that your mind is corrupt. She calls up NGO lady. The lady informs her that she is ready with other women to support her to get her daughter from Chavan family. Sai tells Virat that the NGO women are ready outside but she doesn’t want to create a scene in front of the kids and disturb them. Virat tells her she wants to take away Savi, she can but soon she will have to come back to him.

He tells her that she wants to marry Satya, but soon her balloon will burts and she will get reality check. She will have to come back to him. Sai replied back soon his arrogance and overconfidence will break and he will get a reality check!


Virat calls Satya and asks him to meet him. Virat drives the car very fast. Satya is on his bike. Sai gets a call about possible accident.


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