MasterChef Junior Australia S3 comes to Zee Cafe to challenge your culinary knowledge

MasterChef Junior Australia S3
MasterChef Junior Australia S3

Witness Melissa Leong, Andy Allen, and Jock Zonfrillo as they grill the young talents and hunt for the best chef

Mumbai, 29th November 2022: The pantry is ready to feel the heat as the young cooking talents rush inside to prove the metal of their knowledge of culinary. Zee Café brings viewers, little bundles of joy who would not only make you question your gastronomic understanding but also would entertain you with their innocent but intelligent talks in ‘MasterChef Junior Australia S3’. Witness the hunt for Australia’s third junior Masterchef on all weekdays at 11 PM starting 06th December 2022. Challenges, tasks and battles will spice up your living room as these kids take the kitchen clash a notch higher.

‘MasterChef Junior Australia’ has been a hit amongst viewers in all its seasons as the viewers enjoy the innocent energy of the kids battling their way to winning the ultimate title. With multiple challenges, countless hurdles and the never give up attitude of the contestants, this season is sure to make everyone’s mouth water as they hoot for their favourite. Witness the best blend of flavours from across the world as only the best will suffice the journey to win the acclaimed title.

The stakes are high as MasterChef Junior Australia S3 contestants battle out for the final title!

Witness the fight to be the best culinary artist in MasterChef Junior Australia S3 weekdays at 11 PM starting December 06, only on Zee Café

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