YRKKH 10 May 2023 update – Aarohi confronts Abhimanyu over making Abhir his priority over Roohi

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YRKKH latest - Aarohi confronts Abhimanyu over making Abhir his priority over Roohi

In the ongoing track of Star Plus popular serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH), we see that Abhimanyu gets much upset after receiving a restraining order from Kairav, [prohibiting him from meeting Abhir without permission. Manjiri also instigates him against Akshara that she does not want him to have rights as Abhir’s father. Akshara tries to meet Abhimanyu and stop the sitiation from getting worse with courtroom battle, as Kairav took this move without her knowledge. But Abhimanyu doesn’t listen to her and gets ready to fight with her in the courtroom.

Aarohi meets Abhimanyu and tells him how he has been neglecting Roohi ever since he has learnt that Abhir is his son. She even blames Manjiri too. She questions him why didn’t he discuss with her before fighti9ng for Abhir’s custody. She tells him Roohi will never be able to accept Abhir. How can he expect her to compromise? Abhimanyu argues that why will Roohi not understand. What about parents who have siblings. Aarohi tells him that he can hurt her but She is Roohi’s mother and will not let her get hurt by anyone.

Later, Abhimanyu gears up for the meeting with lawyers between his and Akshara’s family. Roohi comes and insists him to join her for her PTM meeting just like every time. Aarohi tells her that this time, she will accompany her for PTM. Roohi asks Abhimanyu to come with her. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri to handle the lawyers while he joins Aarohi for the PTM.

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