YRKKH latest news – Manjiri threatens Akshara to make Abhir a Birla heir legally

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YRKKH latest news - Manjiri threatens Akshara to make Abhir a Birla heir legally

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 08 May 2023 Episode Update

Shefali tells Manjiri that may be this is the time that Akshara and Abhimanyu should reunite as they haven’t move on in life again. Aarohi overhears it and gets tensed. Akshara and Abhimanyu bump into each other on the street. They look at each other. Abhimanyu says how they haven’t moved on yet. Akshara says to herself, she should have move on from him when for the last six years she had a man who gave all his life to Abhir and her. She is now ready to move on with Abhinav.

Abhir and Abhinav have sweet moments together. Akshara looks at them and gets content. Kairav asks her what has she decided with her life. Abhimanyu reaches for Abhir’s test. He asks her to sign consent papers. Manjiri comes and takes the papers to sign as Abhir’s dadi. Akshara takes the papers, cuts her sign and signs as his mother. She tells her that whatever may be Abhinav and her relationship now, but if given a chance she will choose Abhinav as her husband a thousand times. She says Abhi’s name is Abhir Sharma and he will always remain the same. She says Abhir and she will always be his parents.

Manjri gets much upset and says Abhir is the heir of Birla family and he does not belong to this family. She will make him Abhir Birla even if it means she has to go to the court.

Goenkas, Akshara and Abhinav get tensed and discuss about Manjiri’s move. Kairav gets much angry. Muskaan and Suwarna suggest to talk to Abhimanyu. they argue. Akshara looks into her law books for the legal custody battle. Abhinav asks her to clam down. Abhir comes and asks them what is custody. Abhinav handles the situation. Akshara decides to talk or beg to Manjiri, if required but not let Abhir get away from her.

Abhimanyu talks to Manjiri and explains her that they can fight as adults and claim for their rights, but if they all fight in the court that who will love Abhir and Roohi. He can’t let his kids suffer. Manjiri is adamant and says she cannot forgive Akshara for depriving them of Abhir’s love.


Abhimanyu meets Akshara. He blames her for starting the legal battle. They challenge each other to see in the court.


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