5 Reasons Why Titli Is Television’s Geet

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5 Reasons Why Titli Is Television's Geet

Star Plus has brought an unusual and never-seen-before love story titled TITLI for its audience. With the show, the audience will witness, a perfect overlap between extreme emotions. The show will make you re-think about romance and wonder if it is really love? Titli is produced by Story Square Productions.

With TITLI, Star Plus once again confirms the launch of another talented actress – Neha Solanki. Neha will be seen essaying the titular role of Titli. The audience will witness different shades of this character, ranging from a young aspirational woman to those of being emotionally vulnerable.

The show is a twisted love story where a joyful and vibrant girl named Titli is on a quest to find her ideal man and live a fairytale life with him. But will it be a happily ever after?

Kareena Kapoor Khan essayed the role of Geet in the superhit film Jab We Met. Millions of young girls related to the character of Geet. The portrayal of Geet was that of a young, chirpy, and quirky girl who wants to fall in love and marry the man of her dreams. Just like Geet, Titli is a love story of a joyful and vibrant girl named Titli, who is on a quest to find her ideal man and live a fairytale life with him. So let us explore the similarities that make Titli very close to the personality of Geet.

1) Geet and Titli, both are on a quest to find the man of their dreams. Not a rich Rajkumar but they are happy with Raj as well. This is what a basic similarity that has been found in both of them and that makes them relatable characters to a larger audience.

2) Just like Geet, Titli finds happiness in little things and enjoys life to the fullest. This definition of life is similar for both characters. In all the ups and downs, they thrive to find happiness in all the circumstances of life.

3) Geet and Titli are chirpy quirky, extrovert, and carefree. They wear their heart on the sleeves. This belief is something that makes both of them cherishing and lively person who lives life to the fullest without the fear of anything.

4) You look at the positive side of everything like Geet and Titli. Both follow the path of optimism. This is one of the best qualities, that makes them rule the heart of the audience. Always thinking about the positive and greener side of the situation, they both are kinds of human beings who are always cherishing the way they are living.

5) When you love, you love with all your heart is what describes Geet and Titli, the best. Geet and Titli believe in love and know when they will fall in love, it will be forever. Titli and Geet will meet their best man and they both believe it to be the most special moment of their life indeed the most celebrated aspect of their life.


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