Anupamaa 05th January 2023 Episode Written Update – Anuj asks Anupama to make little Anu and him her priority

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Anupamaa 05th January 2023 Episode Written Update - Anuj asks Anupama to make little Anu and him her priority

In today’s episode of Star Plus popular show Anupamaa, we will see that Anuj tells Shah family that today being New Year’s Eve, everyone is celebrating with family and friends while we all are fighting. He is fed up of the constant fights, arguments and lies. He tells Anupama that he only wishes to spend time with little Anu and her today and had planned a lot of things for them. But look what has happened! He says its enough now.

Anuj tells Anupama that she must stop supporting everyone all the time, or they will always be dependent on her. He asks Vanraj take care of his family from now on while he will worry about his family. He tells Anupama that she knows it that he loves her a lot and begs Anupama to make little Anu and him his priority. Anupama feels bad seeing Anuj being so broken. Anuj hears people celebrating New Years’ outside and gets his party poppers. He bursts the poppers and declares with heavy heart that things will change from now. Shah’s leave. Pakhi and Adhik leave Kapadai house too.

Pakhi and Adhik have a good time together celebrating New Year’s Eve. Pakhi asks Adhik to let go off all the issues between them and have a fresh start again. Adhik agrees and gets down on his knees to express his loves. They enjoy together. Meanwhile, Vanraj taunts Kavya for speaking too much in front of Kapadias. Baa also taunts her. Kavya tells Baa she was only following her footsteps. Kavya slams Vanraj and Baa for their wrong doings. Kinjal supports her too and expresses her disappointment with Toshu.

Later, Toshu asks Kinjal to join him in celebrating New Years’s evening with his friends. Kinjal asks him how can he even think of it in such situation. He gets angry and tells her that he is trying everything to make things right but she keeps reminding him of his betrayal again. He says he has done enough and can’t do any more. He leaves. Bapuji is much sad. Baa asks him to sleep. Bapuji tells he wished that instead of sleeping, he dies. Baa feels bad.

Anupama is sad recollecting Anuj’s words about making little Anu and him, her priority. Barkha finds Ankush drinking. She asks him to join her for the party where he can network with people to get ahead in his career. Ankush is much sad and tells her how she keeps always reminding him of his failures. He says he has done enough to provide for her and their daughter and asks her what has she done for them. Barkha is shattered by his words. Anupama realises how everything is shattered and decides to bring everything together.


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