Anupamaa 10th May 2023 Written Update – Vanraj suffers a heart attack

Anupamaa 10th May 2023 Written Update - Vanraj suffers a heart attack
Anupamaa 10th May 2023 Written Update - Vanraj suffers a heart attack

Anupama latest news – Kavya leaves Vanraj and Shah house

In today’s episode of Anupamaa (Star Plus), we will see that Kavya tells Shahs that if the foundation is wrong, the relationship will not survive. She tells that she has made a beautiful bind with Kinjal. Bapuji, Toshu and Samar have not accepted her completely but they are dear to her. She tells Bapuji that she was wrong to fall in love with Vanraj who was married man, but she still went on with it. She tried a lot to make her marriage a success. She can stay in a relation without love but not without respect and has to leave. She bis adieu to everyone.

Vanraj gets angry. He tells her to leave, if she wants and asks her not to keep come back as he will throw her out of the house. He blames of leaving Anirudh when he was unsuccessful and now she is leaving him for the same reason. Kavya laughs off and says he may or may not get successful in life but she will never come back to him again. She tells him slowly everyone will get away from his life and he will be left alone. She leaves. Vanraj tells her angrily to get lost. He suffers an attack and falls down.

Anupama’s mother ask her promise her that she will share everything with her. She asks her to become strong and not stone-hearted person. Anupama gets a call. Baa cries and tells her that Vanraj is hospitalised. Anupama reaches hospital. Baa cries to her. Toshu tells her what happened between Kavya and Vanraj and how Kavya left. Baa tells her how both Vanraj and her are unlucky in marriage. They had both arrange and then love marriage and both failed. Bapuji asks Baa to stop talking like that.

The doctor comes and tells the family that Vanraj suffered from heart attack but not to worry. Baa cries a lot. Baa and Bapuji go to meet Vanraj. Vanraj tells them he is ok and asks about Anupama. Baa says she came to meet him as soon as she knew it, after all she was married to him for 26 years. Bapuji clarifies that Anupamaa has come for her sake of her kids, for sake of humanity.

Pakhi is worried for Vanraj and sits with Anupama. She says sorry to her that she gave her hopes about Anuj and she had to face heartbreak again. Anupama asks her not to blame herself. Vanraj asks to meet Anupama. Baa gets disgusted.


Anupama reaches guru maa Malti Devi’s dance class with Bhairvi and much overwhelmed.


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