Anupamaa 11th November 2022 Episode Update – Devika fails Barkha’s plan


In today’s episode of Star Plus popular show Anupamaa, we will see Pakhi refuses to wear the wedding saree bought by Anupama. She emotionally blackmails Anuj to buy her an expensive wedding lehenga. She says that just because her father is upset with her, why can’t she have her dream wedding.

Anupama asks her to use Baa and Bapu ji too in her emotional drama to convince everyone. Pakhi gets speechless. Anupama asks her get ready to got o Shah house. She says we will go to the temple before going to Shah house. Barkha makes a plan. She reaches Shah house and apologizes to everyone for her outburst and bad behaviour. Baa is shocked to see her sudden change of heart. Barkha says she wants to have a grand wedding for Pakhi and Adhik. Anuj and Anupama arrive and are shocked to see Barkha. Anupama gets happy to meet Kinjal and Pari. Pakhi looks at Vanraj, He is still upset with her.

Barkha tells Pakhi she has found out an expensive lehenga for her. It is worth Rs. 20 lakhs. Everyone is shocked. Baa taunts Barkha if she will be paying for it of using Anuj’s money. Pakhi argues with Baa that she wants to wear the lehenga of her choice. Barkha further instigates her about lavish wedding theme worth Rs. 40 lakhs. Pakhi gets excited. Barkha supports her. Devika makes an entry and tells Barkha upfront that her plan is stupid. Anuj and Anupama introduce Devika as her best freind. Devika asks Barkah to google about her and tells that she will be the wedding planner for Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding. Baa gets happy with Devik’a entry and giving it back to Barkha.

Devika asks Barkha to show the theme she has decided and tells her that she can do the same for Rs. 4 lakhs. Adhik gets happy that she can do it for so less money. Devika tells everyone to let her do the wedding planning and starts preparing for it. Pakhi tries to talk to Vanraj but he leaves.

Samar, Baa and Bapuji start sangeet practice. Toshu asks Kinjal to give Pari to her and enjoy celebrations. Anupama tells Barkha how to enjoy the wedding by respecting the family and their monetary background. Anuj tells her how he could have a lavish wedding but Anu and He chose a simple one. Ankush also slams Barkha for her sudden change of heart towards Pakhi.


Its Pakhi and Adhik’s sangeet and everyone is enjoying. Anupama gets much angry on Pakhi. She slaps her for crossing all the limits and disrespecting her family. She asks her not to use her mother’s to fulfil her dreams and do it by herself. She asks Pakhi and Adhik to leave Kapadia house.


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