Anupamaa 12 January 2022 Episode Update – Vanraj saves Paritosh from getting beaten up

Anupamaa 12 January 2022 Episode Update - Vanraj saves Paritosh from getting beaten up
Anupamaa 12 January 2022 Episode Update - Vanraj saves Paritosh from getting beaten up

In today’s episode of Anupamaa (Star Plus), we will see that Anuj finds Anupama lying unconscious on the ground. He requests that Dheeraj and Devika contact an ambulance. Anupama opens her eyes and begins to dance around him to the song Tumse Dil Lagane Ki Saza Hai. Devika and Dheeraj also dance with her. Anuj tries to leave for work while Anupama stops him. Then Anupama dances to the tune Tumse Agar Pyar Se Dekha Nahi Mujhko. Anuj leaves. Dheeraj advises her not to give up because Anuj left.

Anupama stops his car as he is about to leave and dances to the tune Tu Tu Tu Tu Tara. Anuj tells her enough is enough, and then starts his car and leaves. Dheeraj and Devika asks Anupama not to be disheartened and tell her that Anuj will come back to her. Anupama cries as she is heartbroken.

Anuj surprises her as he makes big entry and dances to Bardasht Nahi Karsakta Ab Dur Nahi Rasakta Ek Din Tere Bin. Anupamaa gets very happy. Dheeraj and Devika are happy to see them dance together. They all dance together and enjoy the moment. Dheeraj and Devika leave them alone to spend time together. Anuj and Anupama spend romantic moments together as they dance on a romantic song Kaisa Lagta Hai, Acha Lagta Hai.

Anupama drives a bike with Anuj at the backseat and Devika drive bike with Dheeraj. They have fun moments together.

Meanwhile, Paritosh’s client comes looking for him. Vanraj goes to call Toshu. Toshu is busy on a call making big promises to someone. Vanraj asks him to meet the client. Vanraj is worries for him while Baa still supports Toshu. They hear noise outside. They are shocked to see Toshu being beaten up by few men. Vanraj and the neighbours help stop them. The client tells him that Toshu sold him papers of a controversial property and took advance. He blames him of fraud and demands his money back. He tells them that he hasn’t filed a police complaint yet, but will do so if required. Vanraj apologises on behalf of Toshu. Toshu continues to be unapologetic about his wrong deeds. Samar and Dimple also see this drama. Vanraj requests the client to give him some time to return his advance money. Toshu refuses. Vanraj asks him to keep quiet. The client gets ready to wait for sometime on Vanraj’s request. Vanraj thanks other people. They tell him that they have helped Toshu this time, but next time they can’t support him owing to his fraud deeds. Vanraj is ashamed. He drags Toshu inside the house to speak to him.


Anuj and Anupama spend good time together on the bike, while Vanraj is disheartened seeing his family broken and decides to take control of his family again.


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