Anupamaa 13th November 2022 Episode Update – Pakhi disrespects Anupama’s mother and brother

anupamaa serial anupama mother and brother
Anupamaa 13th November 2022 Episode Update - Pakhi disrespects Anupama's mother and brother

In todays’s episode of Anupamaa (Star Plus), we see that Pakhi (Muskan Bamne) tells Vanraj that she loves him a lot and knows that he loves her more. She tells him that what she did was a wrong thing but Adhik is not a wrong guy and she loves him a lot. She asks him to punish her but not to go away. Vanraj gets emotional and hugs her. He tells her how he always wanted to dance at her wedding along with her and Samar. He thanks Anuj for his plan to leave for Mumbai (reverse psychology). Baa and Kavya smile that Anuj’s planned worked.

Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) joins everyone for sangeet practice. Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) gets ready for the Sangeet. Anuj praises her beauty and teases her to stay away from ladkewale as they are going mad over her beauty. Vanraj shows extra excitement as he makes arrangements for Pakhi’s sangeet. Devika gets worried that he is making changes in her sangeet decor. Anuj makes fun why did he convince Vanraj to come for sangeet. They joke about it. Vanraj overhears but does not react and walk away.

Pakhi sees the sangeet decor and gets unhappy. Adhik asks her what happened. She blames Devika for making cheap arrangements for her sangeet decor to save money. Adhik tells her that the moment is more important than the decor and asks her not to ruin her mood today. Pakhi worries about her wedding decor being sub standard.

Barkha takes Pakhi to meet with her friends. They asks Pakhi to join their kitty club and tell her how they are planning an international trip next month. They ask Pakhi to join them. Pakhi gets excited. Anupama’s mother and her brother meet Pakhi in front of Barkha’s guests. Pakhi feels embarrassed as they shower their love on her. She cut’s their conversation and asks little Anu to take them to eat something. The ladies asks Pkahi who were these people? Pkahi says some relatives.

Anupama sees this and gets much angry that Pakhi, Kavya stops her from confronting Pakhi. Anupama says earlier we kids used to be worried what will our parents do if we do a mistake, but today its otherwise. She tells Kavya that Pakhi has disrespected her mother and brother in front of the ladies, she will correct her in front of them too.

Anupama walks up to Barkha’s friends and tells them she is Pakhi’s mother and that those people where her mother and brother, meaning Pakhi’s Nani and Mama (uncle). Pakhi gets upset. Anupama confront her alone in a room. Pakhi blames her Nani and Mama for wearing such cheap clothes for the function. She says they could have told us we would have bought some new clothes for them. She tells Anupama to better asks Nani and Mama to wear good clothes.

Anupama reprimands her for giving importance to clothing than relationships. She asks her to first earn and buy a thread for clothes she wants to wear and then give such importance to clothing. Pakhi continues to disrespect and says that she is tired of stupid old women around her and leaves. Anupama controls her anger and is much hurt with Pakhi’s rude behaviour.


Anupama gets much angry and slaps Pakhi for crossing all limits and disrespecting every relationship. She asks Pakhi and Adhik to leave Kapadia house.


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