Anupamaa 14 November 2022 Episode Update – Anupama, Adhik get upset with Pakhi

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Anupamaa 14 November 2022 Episode Update - Anupama, Adhik get upset with Pakhi

In today’s episode of Anupamaa (Star Plus), we will see that Samar and Toshu begin the Sangeet ceremony 7 make some funny revelations about Pakhi as a child and her tantrums. They call Baa and Anupama’s mom on stage to speak. Pakhi feels awkward. Baa tells how much she loves Pakhi and will miss her. Anu’s mom is unable to say much and blesses her to be happy always. She calls Adhik and Pakhi on stage.

Pakhi hesitates but goes on stage. Anu’s mom gifts a gold kadha to Adhik. Barkha is surprised. Samar and Toshu announce its time for their family to do one thing they are good at, dance. They announce that Pakhi’s parents Anupama and Vanraj will dance but with a twist where they have to compete with each other. Anupama and Vanraj have a dance off. Bapuji cheers for Anu while Baa supports Vnarja. Pakhi supports her dad while Anuj supports Anupamaa.

Adhik declares Anupama and anuj as winner while Pakhi declares her father as the winner. They all take selfies. Barkha hints Pakhi to come with her. Adhik sees it. He follows them. Anupama also follows them. Barkah gives Pakhi expensive jewellery and asks her to sign a bill. Adhik comes and tears the bill. He argues with Pakhi and Barkha and gets much upset and leaves. Anu sees all of this. She picks up the bill and finds Pakhi’s signature on jwellery worth Rs. 60 lakhs. Anu is much disturbed.

Samar and Toshu announce Pakhi and Adhik to dance. Adhik doesn’t want to dance. Pakhi asks him not to create a scene. They dance together. Adhik is not happy. Anu sees it. Anuj finds her disturbed. She takes her aside to asks what happened. Devika takes Anu back to see Pakhi’s dance. Adhik stops dancing abruptly. Barkha, Vanraj and others are shocked. Adhik makes an excuse that he has to use the washroom. Everyone laughs. Adhik walks away. Pakhi dances with her brothers. Anupama looks at Barkha as she is much upset with her plans.


Anupamaa learns shocking truth and gets much upset with Pakhi. She slaps her for disrespecting every relationship she has. She slams her for using her mother as means to fulfil her dreams. She asks her to earn her livelihood and fulfil all her dreams. She asks Pakhi and Adhik to leave the house. Everyone is shocked.

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