Anupamaa 26 April 2023 Episode Update – Pakhi challenges Barkha

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In today’s episode of Anupamaa (Star Plus), we see that Anupama is heartbroken as Anuj does not meet her and leaves the office. She says Anuj I love you a lot. She gathers herself and gets going. She signs the office documents. Barkha gets happy. Anuj is much guilty that he could not face Anupamaa. Anupama walks back home. They both are think about each other.

Pakhi tries to reach Adhik to find out if Anuj and Anupama met at the office. Dimple and Samar come home. Dimpy informs her that Anuj left without meeting Anupamaa. Vanraj gets happy. Baa and Bapuji feel bad for Anu. Pakhi blames Barkha. Dimpy sides Barkha. They get into an argument as Pakhi ask her to stop being Barkha’s pet. Samar sides Dimpy. Kinjal asks them to calm down. They continue to argue. Kinjal yells at them and asks them to stop this drama at once and warns of the consequences.

Anuj reaches Maya’s place to meet little Anu. Maya tells him that she has made her sleep as she would have asked about Anupama upon his return. She asks him to have some food. He says no and asks for some water. Maya says she will not let him leave now ever.

Barkha calls up Maya and informs her that Anuj and Anupama did not meet and how Anuj just left. She tells her how she tried till the last moment to stop Anuj and Anupama from meeting each other. She tells Maya that Anuj is very sensitive now and now it is up to her to get close to Anuj. Maya tells Barkha that she will do everything to make Anuj hers forever. Ankush slams Barkah for her evil plans. Barkha tells him that Anuj himself didn’t want to meet Anupama despite of him trying hard to make him meet Anupama. Barkah tells him that if Anupama and Anuj reunite, she will.always have the baggage of Shah Family with her and Anuj will never be happy. She is not that bad person and wants Anuj’s happiness and he will be more happy with Maya and little Anu. Pakhi comes and tells Barkha, Karan and Arjun may not come BUT Anuj and Anupama will meet, they are meant to be together and she will make sure that Anupama and Anuj are back together l.


Pakhi goes to Mumbai to meet Anuj. Anupama calls Pakhi for some work. Pakhi informs her that she is in Mumbai with Anuj. She keeps the phone on speaker to let Anuj and Anupama talk to each other. Maya is tensed.


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