Anupamaa latest news – Baa insults Dimple as Samar confesses his love for Dimple

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Anupamaa latest news - Baa insults Dimple as Samar confesses his love for Dimple

Fans of Star Plus popular serial Anupamaa, will have to gear up for high voltage drama in the ongoing Makar Sankranti celebrations.

The Shah family and Kapadia family attend the same Makar Sankranti celebration event. Toshu and Samar put up a stall to promote their stall. Toshu shows off his property business and hires an expensive car to make a grand entry at the event. Baa gets happy while Bapuji and Vanraj get upset with his silly antics. At the same time, Samar and Dimple set up their stall to promote their Dance Academy.

Samar praises Dimple and tells her that she is looking pretty. He tells her that he cannot say poems like Anuj as like to be straightforward. He expresses his love for her. Dimple stops him from saying further. He understands that she needs more time owing to her dreadful past. He gifts her a kite with heart on it and wants confesses his love for her. Baa comes and tears up the kite.

She warns them that she will never them get married. She tells Samar she always feared him falling in love with Dimple and calls her Chaaloo (very cunning girl). Samar asks her not to insult Dimple like that. Anupama comes and tells Baa that yesterday too she said a lot of ugly things in anger and is doing the same thing again. She slams her for calling Dimple a ‘chaaloo’ girl.

Baa asks her to stay out of grandmother and grandson business and take care of her own family. Anupama tells Baa that Samar is her son and asks her not to interfere between mother and son. Baa continues to call Dimple a cunning girl. Samar confesses his love for Dimple in front of all. Anupama tells Baa that she didn’t know about Samar’s love for Dimple but she has confidence in Samra’s maturity and will support his decision. Baa slams Anupamaa for always supporting Samar and not Toshu and once again blames her for not supporting Toshu; when all she had to do was give a guarantee. Anuj asks Anupama to leave this discussion.

Baa continues to speak against Dimple. Dimple tells Baa that she is not sure about Samar and her future but no girl would want to marry in the house, with Baa around. Vanraj asks Dimple to stop as he is trying to calm down Baa. He tells Samar that we will discuss this matter at home. He takes Baa away. Baa warns Anupama to take care of her own family else anything wrong can happen anytime. Anupamaa worries.

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