Anupamaa New Promo leave Maan fans in tears as Pakhi tries to get Anuj and Anupama talk to each other

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Anupamaa New Promo leave Maan fans in tears as Pakhi tries to get Anuj and Anupama talk to each other

Pakhi tries to end the distance between Anuj and Anupamaa in the latest promo!

In the ongoing track of Anupamaa (Star Plus), we see that Anuj does not meet Anupama in the office. Anuj feels much guilty of hurting Anupamaa that his guilt has won over his love for Anupamaa.

While Maya, Barkha and Vanraj are much happy, Pakhi and Kinjal wish that Anuj and Anupamaa (#Maan) reunite soon!

Barkha tells Ankush how Anuj would be much happier with Maya and little Anu in Mumbai. She blames Anupama of always having the baggage of Shah family which will always bring problems in Anuj’s life. Pakhi overhears this and challenges Barkha that Anuj and Anupama will reunite and come back home to Kapadia house. She tells her that soon she will have to pack her bags and leave the house.

Now, in the latest promo of Anupamaa, we see Pakhi reaches Mumbai to meet Anuj. Anupamaa happens to call Pakhi for some work. Pkahi informs her that she is Mumbai to meet Anuj and he is in front of her. She puts the phone on speaker and wants them to talk to each other. Anupama asks her if her Anuj is fine. Anuj is much overwhelmed to speak and hints Pakhi to say that he is fine. Pakhi tells Anupama that Anuj is not fine and his state is just like hers. Anupama too gets overwhelmed with emotions!

Maan fans have been waiting eagerly for Anuj and Anupama to end the distance between them and come back together and the latest promo has left the fans emotional with praises for upcoming track executed so well by Gaurav Khanna and Rupali Ganguly!

Check out some of the reactions by the fans!

@Komal_A05 – And here I felt that old MaAn vibe again #Anupamaa

Will Pakhi get successful to bring Anuj and Anupama back together? We will have to wait and watch!

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