Anupamaa upcoming twists – Maya locks Anuj, stops to meet Anupama

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In the latest episode of Star Plus show Anupamaa, we see that Anuj sends a message to Anupama that he is coming to get her back. Anu gets much emotional and happy that Anuj will come back for her. Her mom is not convinced and tells her that she won’t send her back unless she is totally convinced that she won’t be hurt again. She calls Anuj and speaks to him.

Kanta tells Anupama that she spoke to Anuj and asks her to get ready as he is indeed coming back for her. She asks her to get ready nicely. Pakhi gets a message to and tells Shah family that Anuj is coming back and will go to bring Anupama. She gets much happy. Baa and Vanraj and not much happy. Samar, Kavya, Bapuji and Kinjal get happy too. They decide to go to Anupamaa’s place to welcome Anuj.

Now, in the coming episode, we will see that Anupama waits eagerly for Anuj to come back. Anupama and her kids dance and await Anuj.

Anuj is about to leave his house but Maya stops him. She gets much obsessive and tells him he cannot leave her and go. She says that Anupama’s love is about sacrifice but her love is about getting her love at any cost. Anuj asks her to stop her madness. He is unable to open the door. Maya shows him the keys and says she won’t let him go. Meanwhile, Anupama awaits Anuj.

How will Anuj escape from Maya’s madness? Will Anupama suffer another heartbreak? Or will little Anu come to Anuj’s recuse?

We will have to wait and watch! Stay tuned to this space for latest news and gossips of Anupama.


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