Avinash Mishra, aka Garv from Titli shares his experience on how they achieved perfection in water sequence from the show.


Star Plus has brought to its audience an unusual and never-seen-before love story titled Titli. The show will make you rethink romance and wonder if it is really love.

Titli is a love story where a joyful and vibrant girl named Titli is on a quest to find her ideal man and live a fairytale life with him. But will it be a happily ever after? Neha Solanki essays the titular role of Titli, whereas Avinash Mishra plays the character of Garv opposite Neha Solanki’s Titli. It will be intriguing to watch how the drama unfolds in the life of Titli, and will it be a happily ever after?

The current track revolves around Titli and Garv, who have started to develop a soft spot for one another. With the romance unfolding, there is a major drama that will be witnessed in the show. Just like the Bollywood films, Star Plus Titli has managed to showcase its grandeur, and just like the Bollywood heroes, Garv arrives in style to rescue his heroine Titli. The show has left its audience wanting more.

But do you know the struggles and difficulties that the actors go through in order to get the shot to perfection?

Avinash Mishra, aka Garv, from the Star Plus show Titli shares his experience on the recent water sequence from the show: “Neha Solanki, Titli was quite nervous in order to do the water sequence as she does not know how to swim and was petrified to go in the water. There is a scene where I have to lift her in order to save her from the water and let her sit behind on the getski, and we were figuring out what camera angle would look the best, and we finalised an angle. Though the angle looked best on the screen, technically it was not because the getski would turn upside down. While doing the trial poses in the middle of the lake, metres away from the main shore, I told Neha to about taking the turn and to be careful. The moment I turned the getski, it turned upside down, we were in the water. I have been a national swimmer, so I would manage it, whereas Neha was stressed out as she did not know swimming, and the only thing I knew was that I had to get her out of the water. There was a key that was attached to my wrist while riding the getski, and when I turned the getski, Neha was slipped into the water due to the turn. With a lot of struggle and difficulty, I removed the key and saved Neha as well. As actors, we crave for perfection and in the end it was a perfect shot! This was indeed an intriguing adventure”.

Star Plus has always made sure to keep their audience hooked on their television screens with their story plots. It would be apt to say that this channel, in particular, is a hub where the audience goes through a plethora of emotions while viewing its amazing lineup of highly engaging shows like Anupama, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Teri Meri Doriyaann, Imlie, and Faltu, which focus on character empowerment.

The portrayal of aspirational female characters in Star Plus’ shows has gained wide applause from its viewers. Eventually, making them a solid role model for other women in the country. With Titli, StarPlus plans to do the same and move forward with a unique way of telling stories for its audience.

Titli airs at 11 p.m. on Star Plus from Monday to Sunday. Titli is produced by Story Square Productions.


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