Bigg Boss 16 – Here’s what Devoleena, Gauahar Khan, Rajiv Adatia have to say about Archana Gautam Eviction


In the last episode of Colors popular reality show Bigg Boss 16 (BB16), we saw shocking eviction of Archana Gautam. At the start of the episode, we see that during the a task, Shiv Thakare passes comments over Archana Gautam’s political party and her idol Priyanka Gandhi aka Didi.

Archana requests him not to take her party’s name or tease her with Didi’s (Priyanka Gandhi’s) name as she considers Priyanka as her idol. Later, we see Shiv, Stan Sajid and Nimrit discuss how Bigg Boss can evict a person for violence after necessary warnings. He also mentions how he can irk Archana using her party name and Didi’s name indirectly.

Further, Tina Datta raises issue about Archana taking all the tissue boxes for herself. Archana is seen crying with tissue boxes by her bed side. She later keeps them at different places around the Bigg Boss house after speaking to Soundarya, Gautam and Gori. Tina creates issue about it. She involves Priyanka Chahar Choudhary to speak to Archana. Soon, Nimrit Ahluwalia joins the argument. Shiv jumps into the argument and once again passes comments about ‘Didi’. Archana loses her cool and asks him not to do so. He continues to instigate her and soon she looses her cool. She puts her hands around his neck and warns him to stop. Things get tensed and Tina, Nimrit, Shalin Bhanot, Sumbul Touqeer Khan demand Bigg Boss to take action against Archana.

Priyanka tries to clam down Archana and put sense into her that she could have spoken in anger but get physical. Archana goes to apologize to Shiv, but Tina, Shalin, Nimrit and Sumbul refuse to take her apology and so does Shiv. Later, Bigg Boss calls Shiv in the confession room and points out his mistake to instigate Archana using her political affiliations, but condemns Archana’s act. He leaves the decision on Shiv to save Archana or evict her from the house. Shiv choses to evict Archana from Bigg Boss house. We see Archana pleading Shiv and Bigg Boss to change their decision, however, Bigg Boss asks her leave the house as the decision has been taken.

Fans on social media are divided over this incident. Here’s sharing views of ex- Bigg Boss contestants on Archana Gautam’s eviction.

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