Bigg Boss 16: Netizens Slam Farah Khan For Calling Priyanka Chahar Choudhary as Most Hated Contestant, Trend MOST LOVED CONTESTANT PRIYANKA on twitter

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She called Tina as the most hated contestant in the show & Priyanka as the second most hated contestant for supporting Tina.

Colors popular reality show Bigg Boss 16 is heading towards its finale and BB16 contestant Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is undoubtedly the strongest and deserving contestant to win the show! She has won many hearts for being straightforward, playing the game fearlessly on the front foot, by the rules and with utmost dignity!

The Udaariyaan actress entered the show along with her co-star Ankit Gupta & the duo have immense fan following on social media as #Priyankit for their unconditional bond and love for each other! The makers had left the fans disappointed after Ankit Gupta’s unfair eviction from the show which was not basis audiences voting!!

And now, the fans have once again expressed their disappointment as host Farah Khan, called Priyanka as the ‘most hated contestant’ on the show. Farah Khan hosted this Weekend Ka Vaar instead of Salman Khan! In the latest promo of the show, we see Farah taking Tina Datta’s class and slams her for using and throwing Shalin Bhanot to her benefit in the show! She blames Tina and Priyanka for mocking and bullying Shalin Bhanot as he was going through difficult time in the show! She called Tina as the most hated contestant in the show & Priyanka as the second most hated contestant for supporting Tina.

Earlier, in the week, Bigg Boss fans were divided over this situation as many thought that Shalin, who has been earlier called out for being fake and overacting, is using his mental health issues to gain sympathy and played it against Tina and Priyanka; while a few sympathised with him considering mental health issue being a very sensitive issue!

However, Tina defends herself and Priyanka, who has only supported Tina through her tough times after her bitter break up with Shalin Bhanot. This has not gone down well with Priyanka fans as well and they have condemned Farah for unfair bashing!

Priyanka fans are now trending ‘Most Loved Contestant Priyanka’ on twitter while sharing their love and support for the actress!!

What are your thoughts? Who do you think is the most loved contestant on Bigg Boss 16? & Why? Let us know in the comments section below!

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