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Top 5 must watch shows on ULLU inspired by real incidents

ULLU, one of the fastest-growing OTT platforms since its inception in 2018 has
been the talk of the town for its shows which are inspired by real-life incidents.
While the app is foraying into a new 2.0 version of itself, one can’t forget all
the shows that it launched during the pandemic.

Here are the top 5 must-watch shows which are inspired by real-life incidents
on ULLU. Shows which have long lost horrifying stories about inhumanity in the
lost times:

1. Assi Nabbe Poore Sau



Directed by: Akshay Singh
Synopsis: Assi Nabbe Poore Sau is a crime thriller which is inspired by a
heinous crime that was committed by a devil with a human face whose
intention was to see 100 mothers crying for their children.

2. The Bull of Dalal Street



Directed by: Deepak Pandey
Synopsis: The Bull of Dalal Street is a high-rated drama web series based on
the real-life story of an Indian Stockbroker “Harshad Mehta.” Basically, it is a
story of his rag to rich journey and how he became the king of the stock
market, or you can say the strongest bull of Dalal Street.

3. Paper

PAPER web series ullu


Director: Deepak Pandey
Synopsis: Paper tracks the journey of Abdul (Rohit Bose Roy), a coconut
seller, who becomes multimillionaire through different scams. He is
notorious for being involved in the biggest fake stamp paper scam. How
he gains the knowledge and where it ends, eventually, is what the series
is all about?

4. The Last Show

the last show web series ullu

Directed by: Glen Barretto
Synopsis: The Last show is a mysterious crime thriller which revolves
around the justice system that prevails in our society. Imagine being
trapped in a closed place with more than 100 people and there is no
escape route.

5. Peshawar

Peshawar web series ullu

Directed by: Jehangir Irroni
Synopsis: Peshawar is a terror based story inspired by true event, which
revolved around the conflict between the terrorist & the army which led
to the murder of innocent children in the terrorist attack on Peshawar’s
Army Public School of Pakistan


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