GHKKPM upcoming twists – Sai reprimands Virat for attacking Satya

GHKKPM upcoming twists - Sai reprimands Virat for attacking Satya
GHKKPM upcoming twists - Sai reprimands Virat for attacking Satya

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM) latest news – Sai warns Virat not to misbehave with Satya or his family

In the latest episode of Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM), we see that Satya’s family sit together for breakfast. Amba asks Sai to take leave for a few days to settle down in the new family and its customs and tradition. Satya handles the situation and says that if Sai takes leaves then he will miss her in the hospital.

Amba asks her to take a leave for a day at least as she has made arrangements for them to go to temple and do puja with Sai’s hands. Savi tells them that it would be difficult as Sai has to go for her school PTM. Amba gets upset and says its seems Sai is only the namesake bahu of the house. Sai handles the situation and says she would come in the evening for the puja after Savi’s PTM.

Virat looks for Vinu for PTM. Ashwini tells him how Vinu wants his mother to come with him for PTM. She tells how Sai spoke to him and at least got him to eat food. Virat gets upset. Ashwini tells him that she is Vinu’s mother too and she is only trying her best.

Sai reaches school and learns that Savi has come first. The teacher tells her that Vinu has not performed well. Sai tells the teacher that Vinu is not keeping well and has some issues to deal with. The teacher asks her to talk to his mom. Savi and Satya have good time as savi tells him how she has come first in the class. Virat sees them together and gets upset. Sai leaves to drop Savi back in the class.

Virat holds Satya by his collar and attacks at him. Satya warns him not to cross limits. Virat blames him for snatching his wife and now Savi too. Sai comes and pulls him apart. She gets hurt. Satya holds her. Virat see it and gets angry. Sai reprimands Virat. Virat asks Satya to flight like a man. Sai tells him that Satya is a doctor and does not believe in hurting other and is only respecting the fact that you were my ex-husband. She says Savi likes Satya’s company and he should be happy for her that she is happy in her new family.

Virat claims his rights on Savi and Vinu. She asks him what has he done to make Vinu better or find Pakhi. Virat is speechless. She asks him not to let his anger and negativity consume him and find that Virat back again whom his kids used to love. She warns him not to misbehave with Satya or his family again else she will not tolerate it. She leaves.

Satya’s senior doctor and staff self-invite themselves for a lunch date with Satya and Sai at their house. Satya agrees.


Bhavani finds newspaper with an ad of pleading Pakhi to come back to Chavan house. She blames Sai for it. Virat enters the room and finds Satya holding Sai in his arms.


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