GHKPM upcoming twists – Virat shocked as Sai decides to host Vinu’s death anniversary

GHKPM upcoming twists - Virat shocked as Sai hosts Vinu's death anniversary
GHKPM upcoming twists - Virat shocked as Sai hosts Vinu's death anniversary

In the latest episode of Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKPM), we will see that Sai drops Savi at her school. She sees Pakhi dropping Vinu at school too. She asks her why did she step out and should have rested. Pakhi says that she was feeling restless and had to step out. Sai calls Virat as she wants to talk about their lost son Vinu. Virat asks her to meet at the coffee shop next to the school

Virat meets Sai. She wants to find out about their son Vinu. Virat feels guilty but lies to her. He shows her the picture of the kid whom he had earlier thought to be his son Vinu and was adopted by another family. He tells her that he investigated further and found out that this kid was not their lost kid Vinu. Sai is shattered and thinks that she is no more. She is heartbroken and asks why does it happen to her? Why didn’t he stop her that day? Their son would have been alive today! She hugs him and cries. He consoles her.

Virat sees her pain but chooses to remain silent and does not reveal that Pakhi has adopted their son Vinu and he is very much alive. Pakhi sees them together and gets shocked. She is shattered as she feels Virat as betrayed her.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Sai informs Virat that she has planned to keep ‘Punyathiti Ceremony’ (death anniversary ceremony) for their deceased son and request him to join her for the rituals. Virat is shocked.

What will happen next? Will Virat reveal the truth to Sai? How will Sai react?

Stay tuned to this space for latest news and gossips of GHKPM.


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