Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM) 03rd May 2023 Episode Written Update – Savi gets warm welcome by Satya, Kaku reaches Lavanya Nivas

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In today’s episode of Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM), we see that Sai tells Savi that they have to stay in Satya’s house for a project. She also tells her that she is married to Satya now. Savi is upset and asks what is this project that she had to marry Satya. Sai says its called “Zindagi”, savi asks what will she call Satya now, her father? Sai asks her to come home and then decide what she wants to call Satya.

Virat gets ready for office. His mom asks for Pakhi. Virat says he doesn’t care. She asks him not to go to work. He gets irked and says he just cant sit at home for some small bruises. His mom says I am worried about your internal injuries. She asks him to accept that Sai is married now and move on. He says who Sai? She asks him not to say so. He says clearly that Sai is dead for him now and leaves.

Sai comes to Lavanya house. Savi gets angry seeing the board put by Amba that Chavan’s are not allowed. Satya welcomes her. Savi says I cannot come. She shows the board and asks Sai what kind of a surprise is this? She says I am a Chavan, so I cannot come in inside. She says I had asked you not to marry Satya and now this board stops me to come inside. Satya says its a mistake and says he will rectify it.

Sai speaks to Satya’s family and says that she is aware that Virat and his family had created a lot of drama, but requests them to take off the board as Savi is also a Chavan. She says if Savi cannot stay here, then as her mother even I cannot stay. She asks them to understand her situation as a mother. Maddy tells her mom it looks like Sai has warned us. Amba gets upset.

Bhavani gathers her Mahila Mandal women and decides to go to Satya’s house to bring Savi in Chavan house. Nonad tries to stop them. He says Sai has promised him that she will not let the kids be away from Chavan family. Bhavani tells her Sai raised Savi all by herself all these years, then stayed in our outhouse, and after so much difficulty she came in our house and again Sai snatched her from us. Who gave her that right. Ninad asks her not to trouble Savi in her anger. Bhavan says she won’t trouble Savi but will get her back to Chavn house.

Satya gets the board corrected and asks Savi to come inside as he has a surprise for her. Savi agrees. Satya showers flowers on Savi as she enters the house. Satya closes her eyes and takes her inside as his family looks on. Virat takes on his anger on punching bag as he recollects Sai marrying Satya. Ninad informs Virat that Kaku has gone to Satya’s house with her Mandali women to bring back Savi. Sai introduces Satya’s family. Amba refuses to be called Savi’s aaji. Savi recollects Kaku doing the same with her. She gives same pinch to her and asks Kaku and Amba are sisters?

Savi enters her room and gets happy. Sai and Satya leave for hospital. Satya’s family pampers Savi. Amba leaves for warehouse. Kaku reaches Amba’s house with Mandali people and force themselves into their house. Savi is happy to see Kaku. Bhavani tells her that everyone misses her at Chavan house. Savi says she has to stay here as Sai is now married to Dr. Satya and she has stay with her mother. Sai and Satya come out. Bhavani tells her not to call her Kaku as she has lost those rights. She tells Sai that she has come to take Savi to Chavan house.

Savi tells Kaku that she is happy here and she wants to stay with her mother. Sai asks her to go to her room. Savi insists to show her room to Kaku. Sai sends her to her room. She tells Kaku she will not let her take away her daughter.


Virat comes to Satya’s house. He lets Savi stay in Lavanya Nivas and asks Kaku to leave from there. Kaku bumps into Amba.

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