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10 Simple Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Top 10 quick and easy Feng Shui tips for your home

The ancient practice of Feng Shui, literally meaning “wind-water,” is a combination of Chinese philosophy and space planning. It involves studying the flow and movement of energy within a space and guiding it to offer the greatest benefits to the occupants of the space.

You can use feng shui to create a better quality of life, good career and wealth, improve your health, bring more harmony to your relationships, etc.

These 10 simple tips will help bringing positivity into your home with Feng Shui design principles.

1. The single most important objective in creating feng shui is allowing for the flow of good energy, or chi, throughout your home. Chi brings good health, wealth and luck. Declutter your home as clutter means stick energy. First off, you can start on your doorway. Doors should always remain free and clear of clutter. Also, clear out closets, the space under the bed and all cabinets and shelves. Keep only the items you love—or ones that have special meaning—and discard or donate the old and unused.

2. Keep the front door area well-lit and bright. To attract opportunities in your life, hang a wind chime outside the front door.

3. If your entry door squeak or whine when you open or close it, fix it. Oil that door hinge and create more positive energy when you enter and leave your house. It’s also helpful to oil any other door hinges throughout the home, but the entry door is the most important.

4. The main feng shui wealth color is gold, gold, gold (of course!)  In any decor items – mirrors,  frames, lamp bases, trays, coffee tables, etc – whatever your house decor can feel harmonious and happy with. Make sure you do not bring something just for the sake of its look if you are not connected to it emotionally.

5. Plants also attract vibrant chi energy due to their life force. They filter the air, creating a healthier, cleaner environment. The East, the Southeast, and the South areas are the most greenery loving feng shui areas in your home. Plants like lucky bamboo plant, money plant, jade plant, spider plant, Boston Fern, English Ivy, Ficus Alii, Lady Palm, and Peace Lily. If a plant dies, remove it and replace it with another.

6. Locate your bed in a position that allows you to see the door. This places you in command of the space, allowing you to see what’s coming in life. Always have things in a pair for healthy relationships. For instance, have two pillows, two lamps, two chairs, etc.

7. Clean your windows not only as a chore but to bring clarity to your space and the self.

8. When placing mirrors around the house, be mindful of where you put them. Try and place mirrors in places where you would like to increase energy flow. For example, this could be your bathroom or living room. Mirrors also energize the room too. So, it’s not always a great idea to have them in your bedroom, as this can make it harder for you to get enough sleep.

9. The bathroom must always be kept clean and the bathroom door should always be kept closed. This prevents negative energy from entering the house and it also helps contain bad smells. In addition, keep the toilet lid closed when not in use and especially when flushing the toilet to prevent family wealth and finances from being flushed from the house. Also, two of the sneakiest drains on your finances are leaky faucets and toilets that leak or run all the time. If faucets leak, replace worn washers or other plumbing parts

10. An excellent way to stimulate chi energy for your finances or career is to add a water fountain in your home office or inside the entrance of your home. Make sure the fountain flows into your home or office and never towards the door.

Take advantage of the tips offered for an affordable and easy feng shui décor. These are just the basics of feng shui; there’s much more to the art and science, including directions, numbers, elements and more.Get started with these simple 10 tips and you should feel the difference in your space in no time!

Do not forget to share these tips with your friends and family!


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