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Looking for Innovation in Gujarati cuisine- Chef Ajay and Chef Shipra are there for your rescue

The season of mangoes is already here, and we are surely looking forward to enjoying and cherishing the loved fruit from our childhood. ‘Mango’ is not just a word, it’s an emotion for many of us. Most of us certainly have one or the other childhood memory that takes us back to the time when we used to relish our summer vacations with the king of fruits.

In Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge’s upcoming episode based on the sweet and sour theme of mangoes the judges of the show, on one hand, prepared an innovative aamras-puri from the mango and on the other hand also shared their favourite memories.

Chef Ajay Chopra spoke about using a gulel (catapult) to pluck the mangoes. Expressing his heart, he said, “Today we get mangoes with a click on our smartphones, but the fun and satisfaction of plucking it from the trees yourself was very different. Those were the actual days.”  

Expressing her love for mangoes Chef Shipra Khanna exclaimed, “Ohh! I just love mangoes. Do you know, there are around 1500 varieties of mangoes in the world.” Adding to it Chef Ajay said, “The world certainly knows India for giving them this King of fruits.” 

The two judges were seen adorning their Chef hats to create a new version of the traditional Gujarati delicacy aamras puri, combining it with a new version of khandvi. Boss Chiller presented mangoes as the key ingredient and the two chefs decide to create multiple elements using the fruit. The two create a beautiful looking dish combining mango-cheese khandvi with aamras and golgappa puris.

Sounds delicious? Watch the episode for the recipe.

Get into Summer mode with Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge Season 2 this Sunday at 8 PM and celebrate your love for mangoes


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