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Anupama 02nd December 2021 Written Update – Shah family celebrates Baa and Bapuji Mehendi ceremony

Star Plus Anupama 02nd December 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

Today’s Anupama episode starts with Anupamaa and the family celebrate Baa and Bapuji’s mehendi ceremony. The family does qawali style singing on “tumse mil ke dil ka haal” and fun together. Anuj sees Anupama and imagines dancing with her on the same song. His dream breaks. During the dance Vanraj gets a call and asks¬† a guy to deliver a packet next day and make sure it is given to him only. Anupama notices him talking on the phone. Kavya asks to dance with Vanraj but he ignores her.

The Shahs sit together in the night. Anu serves them snacks. Samar thinks to get coffee. Baa tells Nandini that why should Samar make with you around him. Anu says why can’t Samar make tea. Why do we always think a girl has to do household work and boy has to do outside jobs. GK says Samar is not alone, even Anuj can help. Baa feels awkward. Samar says he will go and make coffee.

Nandini tells Baa and Bapuji you have completed 50 years together. Kavya taunts her we all already known that. Nandini says he wants to know the secret to their successful marriage so that Samar and she can also complete 50 years together. Bapuji says in today’s time, couples easily give up. Kinjal says may be earlier times the woman didn’t have option to walk out of marriage as she was dependant. Toshu taunts Kinjal while speaking against marriage. kinjal also taunts him. Pakhi says she does not want to marry at all as she has seen Vanraj and Anupamaa’s arranged marriage failed and then Vanraj and Kavya fighting everyday even after love marriage. Kavya claims to be happy in their marriage. Pakhi says we can see it all. Bapuji tells her being married is not wrong but getting married to a wrong person is not right. Anu also adds that one can also walk out of marriage if there is no love and respect but after trying every possible way to save the relationship.


Baa and Bapuji get married. The family takes picture together. Kavya feels left out. She sees Vanraj’s hands on Anu’s shoulders while taking pic. She pulls Anu out badly. She says how times has changed ands she will do to Anupama what she had done to her in Toshu’s wedding and asks her to leave as Anu is an outsider now. Vanraj gets angry on Kavya.


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