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Anupama 08 September 2021 Episode Written Update – Anupama and Anuj dance, Vanraj gets jealous

Star Plus serial Anupamaa 08 September 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

Today’s Anupamaa episode starts with Vanraj thanks Anuj for saving Samar’s life. He says we are indebted to you. Anupama thanks Anuj too. Vanraj introduces him to his family. Anuj hints Samar that this must be Nandini. He says he will make a leave. Samar asks him to fulfill their challenge (whose mom is more beautiful). Anuj hints him to forget the challenge. Samar asks him to join the celebrations. He says we will make a leave as his mom is waiting in the car.

Mama ji says let me get your mom out so we can meet her. He is shocked to see GK. Anuj tells everyone that GK is his everything, his family. Bapuji asks him you are like God to us that you saved Samar. he says you have to come inside the house and go after having prasad. Anuj and GK sit inside the house. Vanraj introduces to his kids and parents as well as Kavya. Kavya starts praising about how Anuj being a very successful business man. Kinkal and Toshu also says that they look up to him.

Anuj says you all are so rich with such beautiful family and relations. Anuj tells them how GK is important to him. GK says after Anuj’s parents death, he has taken care for him. Kavya says what rubbish, This man is his servant and we thought he was really his uncle. Baa also wonders that we served him such rich snacks. Abuj asks Pakhi which school does study. Kinjal mentions how Anupama teaches in Pakhi’s school too. Anupama says she just teaches cooking. GK says she must be a very good cook then. Bapuji says she is the Annapurna of the house. Anuj says we should be leaving now. Bapuji says you have to eat food made by our Annapurna today. GK agrees. Anuj hints him to stop getting excited. GK says he is happy to meet he family.

Kavya takes Anupamaa to kitchen. She asks to serve him food in good crockery. Anupama takes out crockery that her mother had gifted. Kavya says whatever and asks her to cook such good food that Anuj keeps coming back to them again and again. She says it is good to have such rich friend. Anupama says we do not serve guests looking at their status and money. He have also treated our guests well. She leaves. Kavya says If I would have been friends with Anuj, I would have ended all my and family problems with his help. She says its not to late to become friends with him now.

Shah family celebrates janmashtami with dance. Anupama, Kinjal, Pakhi, Dolly, Kavya and Nandini dance together. Anuj likes seeing Anupama dance. They begin to play Dandiya together by changing partners. Anuj looks at Anupama. Samar asks him to join the dandiya. Soon, Anuj and Anupama play dandiya together. Vanraj sees them and gets jealous.


Anupama stands at the door as Anuj leaves. Vanraj taunts her for standing at the door for Anuj. Anupama reminds him their culture of seeing off the guest and standing at the door as basic courtesy. Vanraj gets insecure.


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