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Anupama 11th October 2021 Episode Written Update – Vanraj gets furious with Kavya and Anupama

Star Plus serial Anupama 11th October 2021 Written Update, Anupamaa Written Episode

Today’s Anupama episode starts with Kavya ensures Anuj that Vanraj will not create problems in her work and she would not allow him to ruin his name and the project. Anuj tells her that if he does anything like that, then the other day during bhumi pujan, he met Anuj, but this time he will meet Anuj Kapadia. Kavya understands his warning. He gets up and welcomes her to her new join. She thanks him. He asks her to call her Sir and not Anuj. He says only my friends and partners call me by my name. He says again that she should thank Anupama as she thought that you not lose an opportunity due to your husbands deeds.

Kavya comes out and meets Anupamaa. Anu congratulates her. Kavya thanks her for agreeing to give her this job despite all the past. She asks her if she didn’t recollect about the past. Anu says yes, I did. I know how it feels when you don’t get what you deserve. She says people generally like two woman to fight and not go ahead. But women should help each other grow.

She tells Kavya she does not want her to lose an opportunity just because of Mr. Shah. She says until I knew about Vanraj and you, you never disrespected me. In fact you stood for me when in took up the cooking class job in the school. She says that good deed of yours in the past has helped you today. She says you are not a bad person and you have your own good side too. She requests her not to do anything to shatter dreams of many women who will grow with the success of this project. Kavya agrees.

Baa is surprised to see how Pakhi is baking a cake. Pakhi says she is doing it to surprise her parents as she has ranked first in her term exams. she says mom is busy while Vanraj is tensed most of the rimes, hence she thought to make a cake and surprise them. Baa understands her concern and says today no one will fight and joins to help in making the cake.

Bapuji tells Baa how Vanrja fired the chef in the cafe because of his anger issues. He gets fed up of his anger. Baa blames Anupamaa for it and says he gets angry because of her. Baa taunts her and says yes, Anupama and her mother have tried everything to ruin Vanraj’s business from day one and never supported him at all. He gives a reality check to Baa how Vanraj and she have discouraged Anupamaa in her project while Anu support his son. He tells Anu has always supported Vanraj, but this time she is not with him to help him out of his problems. Baa gets a reality bite.

Nandini tells Kinjal how Samar was doing an aerial act and his safety string just came out. She says he is safe but he feels it was done purposely. Kinjal worries if it is Rohan. Nandini worries too. Kinjal says they may be overthinking and asks her not to worry much.

Pakhi sees Kavya and Anupama back home. She gathers everyone and shares the good news. Everyone congratulates her. Anu gets much proud of Pakhi and that she baked a cake my herself. Vanraj is happy. They cut the cake. Pakhi thinks to call her brothers and talk to them. Kavya requests her to do in her room as she has to say something important. Vanraj already fumes in anger.

Kavya tells him that she has joined Anupamaa’s project as marketing head. Vanraj asks her how can she work as an employee under Anupama. He says how can he work with a guy like Anuj who has always insulted him. He adds that if she had to bed for a job, she could have gone to someone ese but not Anuj. She says Anuj is just Anupama’s puppet and she makes him dance on her tunes. Anupama gets upset with his accusations.


Things gets worse as Vanraj pushes away Anupamaa in his anger. Kavya holds Anu. Pakhi gets much hurt and has an emotional outburst. She says when husband and wife fight, they get divorced, what about when parents fights, can the kids get divorced from them. She breaks down. Vanraj and Anupamaa feel bad seeing her broke. Anupama sits with Vanraj and tells him that Toshu has already left the house due to their every day fights and now Pakhi is broken too. She says we cannot let our family break like that.

Anupamaa and Vanraj cheer up Pakhi and take a selfie together. Kaya sees their bonding and feels insecure. Anuj sees the pic on social media and gets affected too.


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