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Anupama 14th October 2021 Episode Written Update – Devika calls Anuj’s love for Anupama like that of Meera, pure love

Star Plus Anupama 14th October 2022 Written Update, Anupamaa Written Episode

Today’s Anupamaa episode starts with Anupama tells Nandini she can be waiting in the office waiting area and finish her work. She goes to store room of her office.

GK wears a paper crown and sword and introduces himself as a prince behind a castle made of boxes. Anupamaa is much surprised. He introduces Anuj as jr prince. She gets amazed while Anuj is embarrassed. GK asks him to tell a poem. Anuj refuses out of shyness. GK tells a poem about his castle. Anupama says so you both are playing Hawa Mahal (castle play). Anuj says yes some people don’t grow old.

GK sayas age is just a number, we grow old by our heart. We should visit the child in us atleast once a day to be forever young. He asks GK to welcome  Queen Anupamaa to their castle too. Anuj says let’s her work, she has to finish her office work. GK insists. Anu enters the castle. Anuj is surprised. GK teases him. Anu tells them how Toshu and Samar used to play like that as kids but they grew up. And now I am dealing with you two kids. Anu says now I have to work for cooking competition tomorrow, which is no less than a war. GK says you fight a battle everyday, you are a mother, Anupa’maa’. She says at home it’s Bapuji and here it’s you, I feels blessed to have a father’s blessings every where I go. GK leaves. Anu discusses work with Anuj. He looks at her with love. He thinks of her good time on the beach. He recollects her family picture with Pakhi and breaks his castle. GK asks him what happened. He hints that this is not right. He asks Anu to work in his cabin now.

Baa gets upset when her ladies group discuss against Anu’s competition. Anuj  offers to drop Devika, Anupama and Nandini home as it’s too late. Anu refuses. Anuj says he would have done for any other female employee as their safety matters to him.

Vanraj comes with Pakhi to pick up Anupamaa. He looks at Anuj with angry stare. Pakhi says they came to get icecream so thought to pick her up. Anupama leaves with them. Devika gets upset with Anuj as he tells a poem. on his situation.

Devika says if you were not my boss, I would have slapped you. She tells him this is no love triangle, she reminds him Anu is single and Vanraj is married to Kavya. She says Vanraj has mood swings and will be good for few days. She is sure both Vanraj and Kavya will trouble Anu again. He says if that happens, if Kavya breaks my trust, they will have to face me because it’s about Anupama for me. Devika asks him to stop this one sided love angle and think about being Anu’s husband. She says Anu likes to be a great person and hence is always baad most of the times, but you become a normal person and give her love.

Anuj is shocked. He thinks it will be wrong. She says your love is like that of Meera’s love for Krishna and how can that be wrong. She tells him there are three types of love. like Shahrukh Khan in Darr (obsessive), DDLJ  (true love) and in Veer Zara (selfless less love). But your love is like that of Meera, you have loved her for 26 years now. She says how can you love be wrong. He feels better.

Baa sees Anupama back home with Pakhi. She tells her that this house is you real place not some friend’s. Anu says you have given me place in the house, but not in your heart. Baa walks away. Samar too comes in a auto.

Anu hugs him. She says she should tell Vanraj about Rohan’s threat. Vanraj overhears and asks what you have to say. Samar makes an excuse about planning his engagement. He says he is tired now will discuss later. Vanraj leaves.

Anu says we should tell Vanraj, he is a father and needs to know. Samar says he will get another reason to blame you and me. He says we can go to police or take help from police.

Anu tells Samar that Anu is first her business partner then a friend. She says no one can be a better protector than you father not even the cops and hence he deserves to know. She tells him that you may not trust my ex husband, nor do I, but you have to trust him as your father.


Anupama motivates the women in her cooking competition. Devika, Kinjal, Anuj and Anupamaa dance on the sucess of the event. Anu sees someone and gets shocked.


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