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Anupama 15th September 2021 Episode Written Update – Vanraj, Baa questions Anupama about Anuj’s offer

Anupamaa 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

In today’s episode of Anupama, we see that GK praises Anupamaa’s food to be even tastier than the halwa she had made them eat before. He asks Anuj to give Anupama her gift. Anuj tells Anupama that after seeing her dance academy yesterday, he was reminded of his mom. He was looking it his mom’s things and found something that he felt like gifting her.  Vanraj gets jealous.

Anuj gives Anu the gift. Pakhi gets excited and asks her to open it. Anupamaa opens its and gets emotional. It is ghungroos. She says this is really nice gift. Vanraj taunts her and akss her to show what is it that she is so lost. He sees the gifts and gets speechless. Anupama shows everyone. Baa is not much happy. Anuj tells Anupama that his mom was  hatak dancer and he made it for her but she could not wear them for some reasons, hence he felt like gifting it to them. Samar gets happy with Anuj;s thought and says ghungroos finds its right person. Vanraj is angry. He asks Anuj to give them some good news and make them happy too.

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Anuj says I had to tell you in the office but if you insist, let me tell you here about my decision. He asks Samar to get a print out. Toshu gets irked that Anuj could just tell about his decision. Anuj tells Vanraj that Kavya and he had done a lot of effort for their idea, but his team has always went for ideas that are different and unique and that why we have decided to go with Anupama’s idea. Anupama is much surprised and unbale to believe. He says Anupama’s idea will empower many woman and his mom will be proud of him too to go with this idea. He tells Kavya that he has a job offer for her and tells Vanraj that they can surely work in future.

Anupama says I can’t believe you are giving me a job. Anuj says its not a job but partnership deed and asks her to sit down and think about it nicely and come back to him if she has any doubts/questions. Vanraj’s ego is much hurt. Anuj makes a leave. Bapuji asks GK to keep coming back and they can surely connect with their hearts. Pakhi. Samar, Kinjal and Bapuji dance around Anupama as they are proud of her.

Vanraj fumes in anger and jealousy. He comes to Anupama and claps. He says finally “bachpan ka pyaar has now shown its colors in this age”. Anupama gets angry and shouts at him “Vanraj Shah”. Vanraj asks her what happened, are your shaken after hearing the truth. Anupama replies back sternly, the one who is wrong will fear and be shaken. She says today you have crossed limits and disrespected me by blaming me in front of the everyone like that. You have done so many wrong things yet you have the audacity to question me. Vanraj says Kavya is a MBA graduate and I have 30 years of experience, yet he approved your stupid idea. Kavya says yes, anyone else would have thrown your idea in the dustbin. Vanraj says your idea got approved after all Anuj had a big crush on you.

She says you want to hear the truth, then listen Anuj approved my idea because it was really nice. It was my idea to start a cafe when you both were jobless and your MBA wife didn’t come with any idea. She says what happened, why are you silent now, you didn’t like the truth. Baa questions Anupama why does Anuj and GK keep coming to their house again and again. Anupamaa is hurt with Baa’s questions.



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