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Anupama 18th October 2021 Episode Written Update – Samar leaves Dussehra puja to bash up Rohan

Star Plus serial Anupama 18th October 2021 Written Episode, Anupamaa Written Update

Today’s Anupama episode starts with with Anupamaa thanks Anuj. Anuj asks her not to thank you. He says I know I am speaking again in your family matters. He says you have to do something about Rohan. Anupama says you are right. We will file a police complaint against him. Vanraj asks Nandini where will he find Rohan.

Nandini asks them not to be enemies with Rohan for her sake. Vanraj says he has become our enemy we are just honouring him. No body can mess with my kids and I am not a weak person that I will not teach them a lesson. Anupama tells Nandini Rohan has to be stopped now, else he might do worse in future. Kavya says Anu is right. Vanraj says Rohan has to be taught a lesson. Bapuji asks Nandini to stay with them until this issue with Rohan is resolved.

Kinjal tells Nandini that we both are lucky to have such good in-laws who do not question their bahu. She recollects how the family supported her against Dholakia and now Nandini against Rohan. She thanks Anu and everyone.

Anuj tells Samar that he understands his pain, if someone who would have laid a finger on his love, he would have taken his hockey sticks, but, Samar fumes in anger and leaves. Anuj continues to says a wrong cannot be corrected with another wrong, you should let your family deal with Rohan or the cops. Samar misses to hear his advice.

Anuj leaves Shah house. He prays to God not to let Samar and Nandini’s love story be incomplete. Anupama comes out and asks him why was he leaving without saying anything. She says I have to tell you something. He says please do not thank me. She says I have to say something else. She says you mean a lot to me, you have are special to me.

She says that a person makes a place in mother’s heart when she sees that her kids are happy with him/her and becomes special when he/she protects her kids; and he has done that for her. Anuj gets happy to know that he is special for Anu. He tells her not to worry if there is any problem. He says “Main Hoon Na”. Anupama says I know you are there. Anuj gets very happy. He reaches home. GK sees him dancing happily and guesses that he is doing so as Anupamaa must have said something nice to him. Vanraj gets angry that first Anuj won over Anupama and now his kids. He says Anuj can become a hero but he can also become a zero easily with just one mistake and he is wating for it.

Anupama tells Nandini not to worry and take some rest. She says Samar will be fine too. Vanraj taunts her yes, he will be fine and if not then Anuj is there to help him. He says he saw her going out to thank Anuj. Anupama says yes, she did. She will thank him if he is right and reprimand him if he is wrong just like she does to him.

Next morning, Shah family does Dussehra aarti. Anupama performs the aarti. Samar leaves mid wat. He calls Rohan and challenges him to meet him to settle his scores for trying to touch Nandini. He takes his cycle chain and leaves.

Rohan meets Samar. They get into ugly fight and beat up each other. They both take big rods and run towards each other.  Anuj also performs aarti and thinks about Anupama calling him special. He is shocked to see Samar in bad state.

Samar tells him how he went to settle scores with Rohan like he said, he would not have spared anyone mistreating his love. He says he didn’t want to ho home in this state else everyone will blame his mother, like always. Hence he came to Anuj’s place as she could not think of anything else. Anuj says you did good by coming here but you have done a big mistake and brought more troubles for the family. He tells how how he missed to hear him complete what he meant. He had advised him that a wrong reaction cannot make wrong, right. He says your girl can fight her own battles. You only had to support her when she was going to file a complaint against Rohan and let the cops do their job. You should not have taken the law in your hands.

He says your mom is a strong person and faces problems while being blamed for it too, you have seen with your eyes. He says imagine what about Nandini. He asks him to tell him in detail what has he done exactly.

Anupama gets tensed seeing Samar missing from the family. Kavya asks her not to worry. Vanraj says Anupama has sensed something is wrong. it could be. He asks to find out about Samar. Anu calls Samar on his phone. Anuj tells Samar how his mom must be worried for him. He asks her to inform her by message.

Anupama tells everyone that Samar is fine, he had to leave mid way as his friend got met with an accident. She says he is with his friend only. Everyone is relieved. Anuj asks Samar to tell him everything he has done. He asks him if he has gone overboard and hit Rohan badly. Samar says he does not know, he just hit Rohan with a rod and left from there. Anuj is shocked.


Anuj tells Devika, he does not know why but he bought this lehenga for Anupama but he cannot give it to her. Devika gifts it to Anu on behalf of Anupama. Anu wears it. Anuj praises Anupama seeing her wear the lehenga. Vanraj finds a note written by Anuj for Anupama that was with the lehenga. He gets angry.


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