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Anupama 20th July 2021 Written Update – Anupamaa comes to Vanraj’s rescue, impresses with her Keto burger

Star Plus Anupamaa 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa on Star Plus. Vanraj and his family await for customers in his cafe. A father comes with his child to enroll her for the dance academy. Anupama, Samar and Nandini get busy with registration of the kids.

Anupama gets many registration. Anu tries to promote Vanraj’s cafe to the parents of the kids but the parents refuse to go. Kavya instigates Vanraj that Anupama could have referred her customers to his cafe. Vanraj tells her that his business is his responsibility and not Anu’s. Vanraj does not get a single customer. Kavya says no one will come and asks him to wind up. Anupama asks her why can’t she talk positive things. Baa asks her to go if she is having so much troubles.

Kavya says wrong things against the cafe business. Anu gets an idea and asks everyone to occupy separate tables. Kavya asks what drama is this now. Vanraj understands Anu’s idea. He explains Baa that if she goes to a temple and finds two pani puri vendors, you go to the one with more crowd. Just like, that when people see our tables occupied, they would walk in. He taunts Kavya that it is basic marketing idea. Baa taunts Kavya that not always degree help, one must apply brain.

Everyone keep waiting for customers. It almost closing time. Kavya challenges no one will come now and she would change her name. A young couple walks in. The girl likes the cafe ambience. She asks for keto burger. Vanraj says they don’t have. She gets ready to leave. Vaanraj says he will make it. The chef says he cannot make Keto Burgers. Vanraj asks Kavya, she says she cannot make. The couple leaves. Anu stops them and asks them to give her 5 mins and goes to cook in the kitchen. Vanraj asks her how does she know. She says she has made it earlier for Pakhi’s friend. The girl tries the burger and loves it. She asks to pack 6 more burgers. She says she will recommend others too. She calls Anu Rockstar chef. Samar, Nandini and Kinjal praise Anupamaa too.

Vanraj and Anupamaa wind up for the day. He tells her that he has earned Rs. 150 on his first day. He asks Anupama. She says let it be. He says don’t worry I won’t steal. She says Rs. 6000. He jokes that he should steal from her now. He asks her if she will be friends with him. He promises to her that he could not be a good husband, but he will be a very good friend. Anupama shakes hands with him and they laugh off for becoming friends after 25 years.

Next morning, Bapuji gets dressed in safari suit to join Vanraj’s cafe as the accountant. he gets happy to be working again. Everyone is surprised seeing him in  a new look. Kavya praises him too. They take picture of Baa and Bapuji. Kinjal plans to go to cafe after her work. She gets call from Toshu that they have to go to her mom Rakhi’s place for dinner. She refuses. He taunts her if she has to go and serve in the cafe. She ask him to mind his language. He insists for dinner. He also adds that he wants tp talk to her for living separately from Shah family. Kinjal says sorry to Vanraj that she cannot come at the cafe. She gets upset with Toshu. Vanraj asks her to enjoy her dinner with her mom.

Vanraj gets ready to leave for cafe. He asks Kavya to come. She outright refuses to come with him. He says he does not want her to work but would get emotional support from her. She says Anupama is there for that, after all she can cook for his cafe anytime.


Anupama gets busy with her dance academy while Vanraj struggles getting customers in his cafe.


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