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Anupama 21st July Episode Written Update – Anupamaa upset with Pakhi for wasting Vanraj’s cafe food

Anupamaa 21st July Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa on Star Plus. Pakhi tells Vanraj that she will practice for her dance competition with Kavya. Anupama is hurt with Pakhi distancing herself from her.

Vanraj and Anupama leave for cafe and dance academy. They make prayers in their respective work places and look forward to a good day. Anupama gets busy with her dance class while Vanraj awaits for his customers. He looks at Anupama being busy. She hints at him to be patient.

Vanraj gets doubtful if he business will work or not as he awaits for customers. Baa brother’s asks him to be patient. He tells him that Anupama also started with just one kid and now she is successful. Vanraj tells him that Anu started with no investmnt while he has put so much investment in the cafe. Mama ji says we have to be patient. A girl walks in for coffee and he gets hopeful.

Pakhi invites her friends at home. Kavya meets them. Pakhi tells them how Kavya is helping them with her dance competition. Her friends asks that why not her mother. She blames Anupama of having no time. Baa asks Pakhi to tell the entire truth that her mom is busy handling home and her dance academy. Kavya asks Pakhi’s friends’ to have cold drinks. Baa tells Kavya to make something for Pakhi’ freinds as they ust be hungry after school.

Anupama recommends the parents of her kids at the academy to try tea in Vanraj’s cafe. Mamaji attends a call and gets a large order for snacks and coffee. Vanraj gets very happy and gets the order ready. A driver comes to collect it. Vanraj makes a billing of Rs. 7000 in two days. Mamaji asks for the large order money, Vanraj says he will take care of it.

Anupama and Kavya reach home. They find Pakhi and her friends eating the cafe snacks that Vanraj had delivered. Kavya says that she decided why to order food for Pakhi’s friends from else where when her father has cafe. Flashback is shown where the driver tells him that Kavya has asked to inform Vanraj that it is her order.

Pakhi praises Vanraj that her friends loved the cafe food. Anu sees so much food being wasted. She asks Pakhi if any of the food is untouched and uneaten. Pakhi says her friends just had a bite or two and others in the family can finish the leftover. Anu reminds her that Baa and Bapuji do not eat jootha (already eaten by someone else) food. Pakhi suggests to throw it away. Anupama gets angry.


Anupama gives Rs. 2300 to Pakhi in her hands angrily and gives her a match box to burn them. Pakhi asks why is she saying so, Anupama says that she has already burned down the same amount, she can do it again. Kavya also Anupama why to create so much drama for such small amount. She will pay her the money and give her a tip too. Anupama says you are forgetting the cafe belongs to your husband and you can tip him.


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