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Anupama 22nd July 2021 Episode Written Update – Anupama teaches a lesson to Pakhi

Star Plus Anupamaa 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Anupamaa Written Update

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Star Plus show Anupama. Anupama asks Pakhi if she has seen the farmers growing crops. Pakhi says she has seen in movies how they sing and dance in the farms. Anupama says its not your fault, but ours. Rich parents can take their kids to travel to London and US and the poor ones show them pictures of these countries and make them happy. But, parents should show their kids how farmers grow crops with much hard work. She slams Pakhi for easily asking to discard the party food that she and her friends have wasted. Pakhi says what the big deal.

Anupama asks her you may not understand my point but at least you can understand that you father is working hard for the cafe. Kavya interferes. Anupama asks her to back off as she is still not done talking to Pakhi. She gives Rs. 3500 to Pakhi and a match box. She asks her to burn it now. Pakhi refuses and says she is not crazy. Anupama says you have already wasted the money, so burn this money too.

Pakhi says why is she over reacting to such a small thing. Kavya interferes. Anupam asks her not to. She takes her to the wasted food and says she could have served smaller portions of food to her friends rather than opening all the boxes. She tells Pakhi that she has wasted Rs. 3500  She tells Pakhi that she can party with her friends and have good time but she has to stop showing off. Vanraj asks Anupama not to make a big deal out of small issue. He says not to scold his daughter and Pakhi can order food from his cafe whenever she wants. She tells him that she is my daughter too. If we love our kids, then we also have to be strict and make them realize our mistakes. Vanraj says why is scolding Pakhi over money. Anupama says its not about money. Pakhi says she had to order food for her friends. Anupama says I have no issues about that too, but she should have been not wasted food for show off. She says in our house, even a postman is fed food. Baa agrees.

Pakhi gets more rude. Samar asks her if she is really this dumb or pretends to be. She tells Samar that even Nandini wastes chips. He says he eats her remaining chips. They argue. Vanraj asks Samar to stop while Anupama asks Pakhi to stop. Pakhi starts crying, Kavya tells Anupama that she has spoiled Pakhi’s day. She will pay her the money and tip. Anupama tells Kavya that the cafe belongs to her husband and asks Vanraj to collect it from Kavya and tip him. Baa and Mamaji also tell Vanraj he cannot run business like that if everyone in the house keeps ordering for free food. Anupama says the point is that Pakhi has to start owing hr mistakes and be responsible. Pkahi doe snot understand and leaves angrily.

Later, Anupama gets angry on Vanraj for spoiling Pakhi. Vanraj goes to Anupama’s room and says he need peace of mind to run the cafe, why did she create such a big scene. Anupama says if he wants peace, then why is he talking to her when she has already told him that she does not want to talk either.

Samar and Anupamaa discard the left over food. Pakhi comes back with money and gives to Vanraj. Vanraj refuses to take it. Pakhi says its half the money and remaining she will pay later. She asks him to keep the money else she will be blamed. Baa gets angry on her for being rude towards Anupama. She slams her for doing mistakes and showing attitude. Pakhi gets rude to Baa too. Baa tells her to mind herself else she can slap her for her unruly behaviour to correct her. Vanraj asks Anupama and Baa to stop scolding Pakhi. Anupamaa says both Baa and she have rights correct Pakhi if she is wrong. They argue.

Anu asks Pakhi to eat food. She leaves saying that she is not hungry. Samar goes behind Pakhi. Vanraj stops him. Samar tells him your daughter didn’t listen to you. I won’t listen to you. Samar goes to Pakhi’s room. She asks him to leave else she will hurt him. He blames her of being arrogant and now violent too. He asks her to control her ego and accept her mistakes.

Vanraj gets upset with Anupama that Pakhi has left without eating, Anupama says she knows Pakhi well. She says Pakhi is eaten enough with her friends and will not be hungry till morning, else she would have gone to her room with some food. Vanraj points at Samar’s mistakes. Anupama says how can he simply blames Samar for everything. Kinjal and Toshu enter the house and see Anupama and Vanraj arguing.


Vanraj distribute flyers to promote his cafe. Samar sees him. Anupama says what is wrong in it. She joins him to help him. Rakhi’s friend spots him and tells Rakhi how her daughter’s in laws are distributing flyers. Anupama and Vanraj meet Rakhi.



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