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Anupama 29th October 2021 Episode Written Update – Anupama decides to leave the house

Star Plus serial Anupama 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

Today’s Anupamaa episode starts with Anupama reaches home. She sees Vanraj sitting angrily on the chair at the door. He recollects she wearing a saree and coming back in a dress. She recollects him being angry with her earlier and sitting on the door and later throwing her out of the house.

She enters the house and sees Baa upset. Nandini asks her how was her trip. Vanraj says not trip, say Ras leela. Anupama yells at him and says Mr. Shah. Baa says Vanraj is saying nothing wrong. She says your clothes are clearly what wrong have you done. Samar and Pakhi protest and asks not to blame their mom like that. Vanraj asks them to keep quiet and says no one will speak in between and demands an explanation from Anupama.

Anupama says what explanation, in this house, I have given so many explanations that even washing powder may not have given. Today I will only tell the truth and no explanations. She tells Baa how Anuj’s car broke down and they took shelter in a house where some young kids were partying. Baa says why did you change clothes when you didn’t take any extra with you. Anupamaa says how she was wet and kids helped her with one of their parents dress. She also says how Anuj fell sick and had lots of fever. Vanraj says oh really that why you were with him in the bedroom taking care of him. He says I had called at 3 am and the boy said you were with Anuj in the bedroom.

Anupamaa says you not mine, but do not cross limits in front of the kids. Vanraj says you have to tell us how much limits have you crossed with Anuj. Anupama angrily says yes I was in the room with him and not in the bedroom like you are saying. I was taking care of him as he was sick. Kavya says really and shows her the video of them dancing and partying. She shows it all. Anupamaa says this is before Anuj fell sick due to high fever. Baa says how much will you lie. Anupama says you should see the other videos where he falls sick after dancing.

Vanraj says you tell me what much did you fall down in that night, in the rain in that room. Anupama says I have not fallen down as much as you have fallen in my eyes thinking about that night, in the rain in that room by thinking so much. She says you have fallen in your children’s eyes by humiliating their mother like that. Baa tells Anupama when you have entered the black room, you will be questioned and calls her characterless. Samar yells and asks Baa how can she say like that. Toshu says she is right. Samar and Toshu fight and hold each other’s collars. Anupama asks Vanraj to control for the sake of the kids. Vanraj says when their mother is not under control, the kids will have to face seeing this that their mother is shameless.

Baa says you have done a sin. Anu says I have not even done a mistake in past 26 years. She says I have not done any sin and that why my head is held high. GK attends to Anuj at home. Anuj worries for Anupama that she spent the night with him and had to change clothes. He says her family raises question without any opportunity and today is her agnipariksha.

Anu asks Vanraj to let stop it now. Baa  says she has to first answer hat is going on between her and Anuj. Anupama says she had told her 100 times that she and Anuj are just friends, but she is already convinced of what she wants to nhear, so what is the use of her saying it again.

Vanraj demands her to speak to him. Anupamaa says she doesn’t want to talk to him, but still she will tell him one last time that she and Anuj are only friends, he can believe her or go to hell. She starts crying vigorously. Vanraj asks not to cry after doing shameful act. Baa calls her characterless. Samar asks when she didn’t falter for 26 years, then why now. Baa says Anu’s character has changed seeing Anuj’s richness. Anupama says she feels she was staying with strangers for 26 years.

Mamaji warns Baa of crossing limits in jijaji’s absence, she may apply perfume for a pleasant smell, but Anu’s character spreads pleasant smell. He says do not think Anupama is alone here. Kavya questions Anu’s character. Anu asks her to shut up.

Vanraj shouts she has to respect Baa. Anu says enough of giving respect, they are questioning her character after doing so much for them, enough now and this is her last tears. Vanraj says she has to cry until she gives agni pariksha. Anupama asks who is he to seek agni pariksha as its given to Ram and not Ravan.

Baa shouts Anupama. She signals her hand to Baa and asks her to stop. She says she was afraid that a day will come when she will say she cannot tolerate anymore, today is that day. She says Draupadi was humiliated in a sabha, but she was humiliated in front of her kids; this house will not be same after so much happened, so she will leave this house.

Kavya adds spice and says she was looking for a chance to leave house and go to Anuj, She asks her if she should call Anuj to pick her up, will they have marriage first or honeymoon like they already did, etc.

Anupama replies that you slept with a married man in this house on my bed and you are  questioning me. She tells Baa that she should have questioned her son and bahu who did all that in real. Toshu tries to support Vanraj. Anu warns him to shut up or else she will slap him and he will fall in his pent house, now its time to leave this house with whatever precious this house has.

says she will not get any jewelry or money. Anupala says one who thinks jewelry and money is precious, that one is the most poorest person on earth. She says she will leave this house with the most valued thing, her self-respect.

Precap: Anupama leaves Shah house. Bapuji does her aarti and blesses her with heavy heart. Anupama says sorry in case she has hurt anyone. 


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