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Anupama latest news – Anuj says “I Love You” to Anupamaa

In the coming episodes of Star Plus popular show Anupama, we will see that Anupama drops Anupamaa home. He asks her not to worry any more as she has done enough in her capacity to help Shah family in Vanraj and Kavya’s divorce matter.

Anuj tells her to be ready next morning as they have to go for a site visit outside Ahmedabad. Next morning, Anupama gets ready to leave with Anuj. Anuj gets late and rushes to meet her. He happens to drive the car fast and finds some smoke/fog in middle of the road. He almost bumps into a bicycle rider & moves his car away to save him. However, a truck full of Bamboo sticks runs into his car and he nearly gets save. Anuj thinks of Anupamaa in this moment and gets glad he is saved. He says to himself that he was never scared of death earlier, but now with Anupamaa in his life, he is scared.

Anupama and Anuj finish their site visit. He enjoys her home cooked food and sees her enjoying the time in the park. He recollects his near death experience. He happens to say “I love you” to Anupamaa. Anupama is shocked. He tells Anupama how he met with and accident and got nearly saved. He tells her in that moment he felt he would lose her forever and hence he wants to tells her that he loves her.

Will Anupama also confess her love for Anuj? We will have to wait and watch!

Stay tuned to this space for latest gossips and updates of Anupama.

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