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Anupama upcoming story – Anuj saves Samar from an accident, to join Janmashtami celebrations?

Anupama latest news – Samar’s accident drama during Janmastami celebrations ahead

In the coming episodes of Star Plus show Anupama, we will see that Shah family gears up for Janmashtami celebrations. Kavya gets excited to celebrate her first Janmastami after marriage with Vanraj.

Vanraj refuses to become Krishna, however, Kinjal convinces him to become Krishna. Bapuji too gets excited to become Krishna with Baa as his Radha. Kavya taunts Anupama for being without her Krishna. Anupama tells her that her lord Krishna is always with her.

Samar remains upset about Nandini’s ex-lover being back in her life. He meet’s Nandini’s ex-boyfriend at the academy. Nandini’s ex reveals to him details of their past life. He tells Samar how she used to spend weekends with him and he wanted her to move in with him. He asks Samar to get out of his way and he is Nandini’s first love whom she can never forget. Samar gets much upset hearing this.

Further, we will see that Shah family celebrates Janmashtami with much excitement. Nandini becomes Radha for Samar and waits for him. Anupamaa calls Samar. He refuses to come for the celebrations with Nandini. He walks in the middle of the rod as he is lost in his sorrow. Anuj happens to see a truck about to hit Samar. He rushes to save him. He throws him away on the the other side and the both fall on the road. Anupama shouts Samar’s name as she senses his life is in danger.

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