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Anupama upcoming twists – Anupama asks Tohu to leave the house

Anupama latest news – Pakhi misbehaves with Anupamaa

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Star Plus show Anupama. Kavya gets upset with Vanraj for talking about loan in front of her friends. They have a bitter argument in the car. Anupama sees Pakhi practicing for her dance. She checks on her dance outfit and fids it  too lose for her.  She fixes her dress. Pakhi sees it and yells at her. She questions her for touching her dress. She tells Anu that when she needed her help, she was not there, and now when she does not need any help, she is interfering to become a great person in front of all.

Anupama tells her that she is not telling her anything as she has her dance competition tomorrow. Pakhi continues to misbehave. Baa comes and stops Pakhi from being rude and arrogant to her mother. Bapuji also asks Pakhi t clam and makes her understand that Anupama was helping her. Pakhi continues to be admanat and asks asks why did Anu touch her dress.

Toshu and Kinjal overhears this. Toshu get furious with daily arguments and fights between family members. He adds his complains to the ongoing. Vanraj comes and ask what happened. Kavya also blames Anupama of showing off her greatness always. Pakhi blames Anupama of helping her when she does not want her interference. Vanraj question Anu.

Anupamaa asks him not to lose his cool when he does not know the entire issue. Baa clarifies to him that Pakhi’s behaviour is getting worse day by day. Toshu sides Pakhi to make his way out of Shah family house. He asks everyone to have a time table for their fights and arguments. Vanraj asks him to mind himself. He says he is feeling suffocated in this house now. Anupama asks him to leave then, since he is already staying in the penthouse with all his mins, and just physically present here.

Further, Anupama calms everyone down. She says she is looking forward to Pakhi’s dance competition tomorrow. Pakhi asks her not to attend the function and challenges to win it.

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